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The International Fragrance Association was formed in 1973. The IFRA is an international organization composed of over 100 fragrance manufactures representing 15 countries. Its advisory committee reviews available data on fragrance materials including that from the RIFM. Based upon this data, the IFRA makes recommendation on the safe use of fragrance materials.

The recommendations are given in percentages for the fragrance formula and consider the formula being 20% of the final consumer product. If the formula makes up more than 20% of the final consumer product then the limits of any restricted ingredient needs to be adjusted accordingly.

When a formula is designed to be used at less than 20%, the levels of restricted ingredients may be correspondingly higher. The fragrance supplier should inform the manufacture that the formula might contain proportionally higher levels of restricted ingredients. The formula should be then used in concentrations that would ensure no restricted ingredient was used at levels higher than what was recommended in the final consumer product.

Levels of restricted ingredients may be used at a higher level in non-skin contact products. Included in non-skin contact products are:

Obviously perfumes, colognes, and personal care items involve skin contact. In addition to these, other items are also included because of the potential of contact with the skin. This includes:


A fragrance material's use may be restricted for various reasons, which include effects as:


In addition there are other recommendations such as those for "cinnamic aldehyde". Cinnamic aldehyde is a known sensitizer. It is recommended that cinnamic aldehyde be used in at a 1:1 ratio with either eugenol or d-limonene. The reason for this is what is known as the "quenching" phenomenon. Using these ingredients together decreases the sensitizing effect of cinnamic aldehyde.

A copy of the IFRAA guidelines can be requested. The IFRA will consider all information brought to their attention when developing guidelines.

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