Motorcars, Speeders and Railcars

By Wayne Parsons

Southwest Railcar Ltd. - British Columbia 2006

Coordinator: Tom Phair  -  CN Rail Host: John Armstrong

Participants Line Up

Car #1 - Pat Coleman, President of NARCOA, and Kathy Coleman, President of SWRC, from Walnut Creek, CA pose with David Valdez, CN Foreman who was our escort on the Burns Lake to Smithers, BC sections.

Car #2 - Mark and Diann Sorensen from North Platte, NE ride in their MT-19 with a Honda engine.  Note the two original style headlights and original fuse and torpedo box..



Car #3 - Tom and Kathryn Norman from Alberton, MT ride in their MT19-B.  Note the track inspector's third front window on the operator side of the car.  Thanks Tom for handling the NARCOA insurance!

Car #4 - Tom Ferrier of San Diego, CA and his sister Marcia Gasper from Fogelsville, PA ride in this MT-14 that has a spring suspension system.



Car #5 - Dave and Carol Balestreri from Sacramento, CA ride this MT-14 with a Tomah cab.

Car #6 - Laurens and June Edwards, Santa Rosa, CA ride this former Union Pacific MT-14M that has the original UP brass property tag visible on the front frame member (lower left in the photo).



Car #7 - Joyce and Bo Johansen pose with Ron Ball, CN Foreman who was our escort on the Smithers to Terrace sections.  This car's rear axle broke and Bo replaced it in Squamish, BC to rejoin the group.

Car #8 - Karen and David Stroemer from Peoria, IL ride this MT-19.



Car #9 - Bernie Leadon and Tina Reed from Nashville, TN ride in this MT-14M with a spring suspension.  Bernie bought this rare car in California.

Car #10 - Ed and Linda Best from Alamo, CA operate this Fairmont A car.  The move "up" to A cars is a trend among long time operators with extensive experience in the hobby.  The trend may become a rush if a reliable turntable is ever available.



Car #11 - Rick Koehler and Cheryl Paulsen from Sherwood, OR ride this MT-19.  The name on the car is the coffee company her son owns.

Car #12 - Pete Wenk and Jennifer Lang from Beaufort, NC ride this MT-14 with a Tomah style cab from Les King Motorcars.  Pete is the web master for  Jennifer has her own cars too and loves the hobby because it "lets me act like a tomboy."



Car #13 - Jim and Pat Spicer from Eugene, OR and Debbie Armstrong pose with this A4-D2 named "Duke" purchased directly from the lumber carrier Longview Portland & Northern at Gardner, OR

Car #14 - Bev and Roy Gammill from Los Osos, CA in their MT-19 that they restored. Roy replaced the alternator on this trip.



Car #15 - Whitey and Kathleen Brown from Fort Bragg, CA ride this MT-14 Tomah.  Note the air ride truck seats with a small white tank air reservoir behind the seat.

Car #16 - Ralph Goneau and Dick Wilhelm from Bearsville, NY ride this open MT-19.  Adding a luggage rack on the back, as Dick has done, is a solution to limited space in a small car.  Just be sure you can get to the tow hitch!



Car #17 - Karen Werner from Cincinnati, OH has a removable canvas top on her "homebuilt" MT-19 style car.

Car #18 - Mark Werner from Cincinnati, OH gets some last minute radio procedures before departing Prince George from Bruce Easton, CN Foreman who was  our escort for the Prince George to Burns Lake sections.  The number 31 is Mark's football jersey number.  This car too is a "homebuilt" MT-19 style car.  The moon hubcaps are from a truck wheel supplier and use a ring that bolts to the wheel to secure them.



Car # 19 - Wayne Parsons from Granada Hills, CA operates this Missouri Pacific MT14-M.  A Canadian National freight is going past in the background.

Car #20 - Elizabeth and John Monhoff operate this MT-19.  John is our "go to" for railroad radio frequency information.



Car #21 - Becky Osborne, Brent Gordon from Roseville, CA and BC ride this open MT-14.  Note the ear protection for BC.

Car #22 - Meet Coordinator Tom Phair of Alamo, CA polishes the window of his CN Rail A-4E.  THANK YOU Tom for all your hard work organizing this event!



Car #23 - Earl Leeson from Dallas, TX operates his McKinney Avenue Transit Authority Hy-Rail.  Earl and other volunteers operate trolleys in Dallas.  Earl had this truck made in the Union Pacific equipment style.  Do you think he'd go unnoticed in any railroad yard west of the Mississippi?

Car #24 - Rudie and Millie Niemi from Alamo, CA set off each afternoon about 25 miles out of town.  When the group arrived, Millie would have pre-registered us and hand out our room keys with a smile!  Millie thank you for all your efforts! 



Last in line were John and Debbie Armstrong our CN rail hosts from Prince George, BC.  Thank you John for all your efforts to make this event happen! Thank you Debbie for the daily trivia questions!

Eric Muller from Edmonds, WA flew in to join the group in Prince Rupert, BC and caught  rides in different cars each day.  Here he's operating a MT14 hand clutch for the first time.

Terry, CN Supervisor was our escort on the return from Smithers to Burns Lake.  Five members of his family rode with us that day.

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