WELCOME TO... The Carpenter Family

Yes... we're still living in Las Vegas, Nevada.   Both Jeff and Jason are back in Las Vegas, currently attending Community College of Southern Nevada and planning to enter the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in the fall. Janet and Jerry are still keeping busy... Janet in real estate and Jerry in the Air Force.  You can get individual updates on the family by selecting a name in the bullet text below.  Briefly...


Although our family has moved all over the U.S. and the world because of Jerry's career in the Air Force, many members of our "extended family" still live in the Northwest.  Jerry's brother, Jim, currently lives in Washington with his wife, Linda.  Their children (and GRANDCHILDREN... ha!) also live in the Northwest.

Additionally, our family history reflects close ties to the Pacific Northwest, specifically the central Washington area -- Yakima, Ellensburg, Thorp, etc.   For more information on our family's history, select "Family History".  I think you will find this very interesting and informative!

On the fun side... check out "The Best of Las Vegas!"

Laugh at us during the summer, but there's no better place than Las Vegas for great weather the rest of the year! Besides... it's "a dry heat."

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