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Our fitting session will have five distinct steps:

The Personal Interview

You will have completed the “Fitting Interview Questionnaire” which is now available electronically through this page. Any questions you were unable to complete or did not understand will be clarified and completed during this interview. If we determine that your swing is inconsistent and the best immediate investment should be lessons, rest assured... I will recommend just that! I have often declined to make an individualized set of clubs knowing that, over time, the swing characteristics of the customer would change, thereby likely negating the effectiveness of the fitting recommendation. On the other hand, if an individualized set of clubs will improve your game, I will provide you my best recommendation--at an affordable price!

Present Golf Club Evaluation

A thorough evaluation of loft and lie is not always necessary, depending on the age of your clubs and whether the loft and lie have ever been adjusted. We will, however, look closely at set make-up, grip size, wood face angle, shaft characteristics, and swingweight. All these factors will be integrated into your final fitting recommendation. As an example, if you are consistently hitting your irons too low, a solution may be simply choosing a set of cavity back clubs--typically, this club design has a lower center of gravity, resulting in a higher trajectory. Or, a shaft with a low bend point may aid in increasing your loft... or soften the feel of the club. It’s important to remember, however, that no single factor can be applied in isolation. Swinging a golf club is a dynamic process, and a thorough understanding of the interrelationship of all these factors is a must!

Hitting Evaluation

During the hitting evaluation, you will hit with a number of test clubs as well as your current set. We will evaluate the following: shaft characteristics, including weight and bend point; lie; face angle; swingweight; club design; and loft.

The most important shaft fitting characteristic is clubhead speed--for the driver and 5-iron. I will use this data to enter into a shaft fitting computer program that will narrow the selection of over 12,000 separate shafts. From a final choice of 25 shafts, I will integrate your preference for distance vs. accuracy and swing tempo to make a final shaft recommendation(s).

The second most important characteristic we will evaluate is lie angle. We will discuss the importance of lie angle on accuracy and, during the hitting evaluation, we’ll dynamically determine your proper lie angle.

An important, but often misunderstood, factor for woods is face angle. Although the wood’s design loft is normally stamped on the (metal) wood, you cannot know the effective loft at impact without a thorough understanding what effect face angle plays on loft--we’ll demonstrate this effect and assess what face angle is best for you.

Assessment and Fitting Recommendation

The final step is a fitting recommendation. A number of factors influence this recommendation. Two of the major factors are: We will evaluate your course make-up and make recommendations. As an example, many players will have long irons in their bag when the most beneficial clubs would be extra, high-loft woods. We can even get exotic in the set make-up--for example, I have a 7-wood head on a shaft that is a 4-wood length. The result is a compromise between distance and “soft landing” on Las Vegas’ typically firm greens.

After the fitting recommendation is made, you will have the following options:

NOW... you can electronically complete the
"Fitting Interview Questionnaire"

Fitting Interview Questionnaire
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