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Colonel Gerald C. Carpenter is Director, USAF Liaison Office, United States Department of Energy, Nevada Operations Office, Las Vegas, Nevada.  The USAF/DOE Liaison Office is the HQ USAF focal point for coordinating program activities between DOE and the Air Force at the Nevada Test Site, the Nevada Test and Training Range, and the Tonopah Test Range.  The USAF/DOE Liaison Office coordinates program requirements for DOE and the USAF to facilitiate accomplishment of research, development, testing, and training to further national defense programs.

Colonel Carpenter entered the Air Force in 1970 as a graduate of the United States Air Force Academy.  After completing undergraduate pilot training, he was initially assigned as an RF-4C aircraft commander.  He has served as both an RF-4C and F-4E instructor pilot, flight commander, and flight examiner.  After completing the USAF Adversary Tactics Instructor Course, he served as an F-5E "Aggressor" pilot, instructor pilot, flight commander, and operations officer.  Later, he was a special assistant for research and analysis, Combat Analysis Directorate, and chief, Air-to-Air Division of the Commander's Action Group at Headquarters Tactical Air Command.  He has been a squadron commander of three separate units, a group commander, and the director of operations for 13th Air Force.  He is a command pilot with over 3,000 hours in the RF-4C, T-39, F-4E, F-5E, A-7, A/T-38, and F-117A.


My hometown is Yakima, Washington.  Interestingly... my family's history is firmly seated in the Central Washington area.  I have developed a genealogy page which has some interesting stories about our family--and the history of Central Washington.

I grew up in Yakima... graduated from Eisenhower Senior High School in 1966.  From there, I went to the USAFA Academy.


My main hobby is golf... in fact, I have been personally fitting and making custom golf clubs for nearly 10 years!  If you are in the Las Vegas area... or just visiting, and would like to discuss custom golf clubs, drop me an e-mail from within this home page.

What is "Get A Grip Custom Golf Products?"

"Get A Grip Custom Golf Products" is the name I gave to my hobby of fitting and making custom clubs for golfers of all levels. It has been extremely rewarding... certainly not monetarily because it's primarily been a hobby. But, there is nothing like seeing a person raise their game to new levels when they first start playing with a set of custom clubs... ones made specifically for them - designed to their personal specifications! I have fit and made over 100 sets the last 10 years, or so. Never have I had a "customer" comment that the set I made for them did not substantially improve their game! HERE NOW... a home page for "Get A Grip Custom Golf Products"!   Start with completing the "Fitting Questionnaire" -- and e-mailing to me... you can find a link to the questionnaire on the home page.

Here are just some questions you should ask yourself before you purchase another club:

            What advantage would a graphite shaft offer? Does it justify the expense? Will it help me?

            Do all manufacturers' "stiff", "regular", etc., shaft flexes have the same characteristics?

            What is my clubhead speed when I swing my driver and 5-iron? What flex shaft should I use?

            What if I was willing to trade accuracy for more distance... does that affect shaft selection?

            Should I use the same flex shaft for my driver that I use for my irons?

            How does "bend point" affect my trajectory? Or does it primarily affect only "feel"?

            If I buy a 10-degree Driver... is that the effective loft at impact?

            What is "face angle"?
                 Check out the discussion on face angle on my custom golf products home page.
                 What affect does "face angle" have on my driver's effective loft at impact?

            What is the most important parameter when fitting a set of irons?

Check out "Get A Grip Custom Golf Products"... HERE NOW... and improving all the time!

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