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Frames Navigation

When entered via "index.html" the initial view of the LUNY web site contains a navigation bar in the left frame, and a content frame on the right. The width of the navigation bar is fixed and will at all times remain in view, ready to lead the reader to any of the major topic areas of the site.

The content frame on the right scrolls and is resized as the viewer resizes their browser.
The viewer can return to frames format (and the home page) from any unframed page by clicking on the penguin icon.

Non-Frame Navigation

Viewers using browser without frames capability are automatically sent to the LUNY homepage without the menu bar.    For navigation the viewer can jump to the sitemap from any page by clicking the "site map" icon.
Three icons appear in the upper left corner of most content pages.

  1. The Penguin (home). a non-working view of the Frame House icon Whether the reader is currently viewing the site inside or outside frame view, this icon leads the viewer back to the home page and activates frame view if the viewer's browser supports frames. Otherwise, the viewer returns to the Home Page without frames.
  2. The Frame Remover. click to unframe this page (for bookmarking) For viewers viewing a page within frame view (the default condition), this icon reloads the current content page without reloading the surrounding frame. This is helpful for bookmarking a page since browsers do not separately recognize a content page that is viewed as part of a frame set. This mode is also helpful for those who want a wider view of the page, or who simply dislike frames.
  3. The Site to go to our site map This icon leads the viewer to the site map page and presents it either framed or unframed, depending on which mode the viewer is in when the icon is clicked.
    For non-frame viewers, this can be used as a main menu, since all pages link back to it.

this page last updated May 18, 2000