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A Marketplace for weapons, arts, services, and accoutrements for Participants in Stage-Combat and Historical Swordfighting, sponsored by Skirmishers, the California-based theatrical combat performance group.

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Stage Combat & Historical Fighting Associations

Stage Combat & Historical Fighting Periodicals

  • "Hammerterz Forum, The International Newsletter for the Fencing Collector", published quarterly by Hammerterz Verlag, P.O. Box 13448, Baltimore, MD 21203, USA.   For more information contact, Publisher & Editor J. Christoph Amberger

  • "The Fightmaster, Journal of the Society of American Fight Directors", published every six months by the SAFD as part of membership. For more information call, 1.800.659.6579.

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Request for Submissions

To submit an item, an association, or a link to be included in Oddments & Bodkins send the information to: Oddments & Bodkins.

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