THE CLASH OF LIVE STEEL AND THE FLASH OF GUNPOWDER FILL THE AIR introducing the Bay Area's most unique theatrical combat company. Skirmishers specializes in Fight Choreography and Staged Combat working with rapiers, daggers, broadswords, quarterstaves, flintlocks, and other weapons from the 13th through 19th century for film, television, and live Performances.

Though normally done for stage and television, Skirmishers also does public performances for:

  • Music Videos, "Black Davy's Ride" by Avalon Rising
  • Conventions, the motivational opener: "Business Can Be a Battle"
  • Fundraisers, such as Diabetes, AIDS Awareness, and the Police Athletic League
  • Schools, for stage combat choreography, training, safety & performance
  • Fairs & Historic Performances, such as Tudor, Renaissance, Cavalier, Napoleonic, and Victorian.

As a result of extensive study of historical fight styles, a martial art, sport form has developed, called Skirmishing and is becoming increasing popular in the realm of Historical Fencing.

In addition to choreography and performances for the various historical periods, Skirmishers includes The Order of the Black Rose, a Renaissance Faire Guild that performs in Northern and Central California and Oregon. The Black Rose specializes in Tudor and Elizabethan weapons and fight styles.

For choreography, scheduling, or performances contact:

Historic Fight Choreography / Staged Combat Instruction / Actor-Combatants
Concord, California USA

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Skirmishing-the Sport Order of The Black Rose
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