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    Raising/Lowering Systems

    Class Prerequisites:
      Ascend and descend 80 feet.
      Able to perform changeovers in both directions.
      Able to cross a knot in both directions.
      Able to set secure anchors

    8 Hours

    Equipment Needed:
      Cave Pack, with standard caving gear.
      Full vertical system.
      Caving ropes.
    This class teaches cavers how to improvise various rescue hauling and lowering systems using their own vertical gear. Cavers will learn how to place an anchor so that it is optimized for safety and rescue. They will learn how to rig a 1:1, 2:1, Z-rig, 4:1, Yosemite, and Counterbalance haul system. They will learn the advantages and disadvantages of each type of haul system. In addition, the students will be taught how to do a fixed brake lower. Cavers will learn what kind of gear can work as a substitute for a pulley, and for an ascender. Special emphasis will be placed on edge techniques, and how to avoid problems during a raise. Students will also learn how to determine when the problem is too large, difficult, or dangerous for self rescue.


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