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    How to Host a Class

    If you are intested in hosting a class, please contact us. You will need to:

    1. Handle all sign ups of students, and verify attendence.
    2. Make sure that students meet any prerequisites. It is critical that students meet all prerequisites. Each class is designed to maximize learning. If a student is not ready for the class, it will only frustrate the student, and slow down the rest of the class.
    3. Copy and distribute any handouts ahead of time so students can become familiar with the material.
    4. Make arrangements for the training site. The site should be sheltered from weather, and have easy and safe access to the top and bottom of all drops. Optimal vertical height of the drops is 10-30 feet. It is best if there are multiple drops, with multiple rigging points. A variety of cliff edges is best - sharp 90 degree edges, sloping edges, and edges with undercuts. If the class has an in cave exercise, the cave should be close by and able to handle the impact of several students moving roughly through it.


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