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    Accidents and Incidents

    Pinnacles Cave - Trip and Self-Rescue Report. by D. Billings. 
    Self Rescue from a vertical cave in Nevada.

    The Rescues. by C. Densham & R. Lawson
     A tale of broken femurs in Austria, as told by the patients themselves.

    Butler Cave. by the ER NCRC.
    A small party "assist" in Butler Cave.

    Hell Hole Cave. by the ER NCRC.
    This was mostly a self rescue incident, with the patient making it most of the way out of the cave before help arrived. It significantly reduced the duration of the rescue.

    Cassell Cave. by the ER NCRC.
    Well, as least one of the party self rescued!

    WV's Cave. by the ER NCRC.
    A nice recovery from a broken wrist.

    Self Rescue from Lechuguilla - Lessons Learned. by Peter Jones.
    Peter's account of his "crawlathon" after he broke his ankle several hunderd feet down in the cave. There are several lessons that he highlights in his article.

    Oman Caving: Arch Cave. by V. Stevens.
    A small self rescue from a place where there really isn't any rescue at all!


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