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    Single Person Vertical

    Performing a pick off of an "unconscious" patient.
    Photo by K. Richards.

    Class Prerequisites:
      Ascend and descend 80 feet.
      Able to perform changeovers in both directions.
      Able to cross a knot in both directions.

    6 Hours

    Equipment Needed:
      Cave Pack, with standard caving gear.
      Full vertical system.
      Caving ropes.

    This class teaches cavers how to perform pickoffs for rescue. The student will learn how to perform a pickoff and rappel, a pickoff with fixed brake lower, and a counterbalance pickoff of an unconscious patient. Cavers will learn methods to safely transfer the weight of a patient from off of their own gear onto a descending device. They will also learn about the effects of harness pathology, and how it can affect a caver stuck on rope.


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