Motorcars, Speeders and Railcars

By Wayne Parsons

Southwest Railcar Ltd. - British Columbia 2005

Coordinator: Tom Phair  -  CN Rail Host: John Armstrong

Participants Line Up

Car #1 - Tom Ferrier, San Diego, CA and John Phipps, Vancouver, BC.  This MT-14 has a spring suspension kit which makes it ride about 2" higher off the rail.  Tom lowered his seats so the view out the window would be the same.  Tom was our assistant meet coordinator.

Car #2 - Tom & Kathryn Norman, Alberton, MT.  Tom is the NARCOA insurance coordinator.  This car is a MT-19B with the B48G engine that has an oil filter.  Note also the original style headlights. 



Car #3 - Carol & Jeff Moraski, Princeton, IL.  This is a MT-19 with a CCKB engine.  Note the OEM style seats and curtains in good condition.

Car #4 - Liz & John Monhoff, Calistoga, CA.  This is a MT-19 like car 3.  Note the solid side and rear panels that make the car more enclosed.



Car #5 - Bernie Leadon, Nashville, TN.  This MT-19 is a frame up restoration of a CN Railroad fiberglass cab car.  Note the Les King turntable motor in the center of the car.  Bernie served on safety watch during stops.

Car #6 - Linda & William Owen, Half Moon Bay, CA.  This Canadian MT-14 has a Briggs & Stratton 20 hp motor replacing the original CCKB.



Car #7 - Jim Harte, Prince George, BC., and Roy Smith (not pictured) operated this "A" car from the Prince George Railway & Forestry Museum.  Note the locomotive style mirrors mounted on the front cab outside.  Jim alternated with car 8 to pull the "blue room" port-a-potty.

Car #8 - Carl Vanderspek & Margaret Hope, Burnaby, BC. operated this deluxe "A" car complete with sun roof.  Carl's GPS was stumped when asked for a restaurant in remote Ft. St. James!  Margaret was the meet coordinator for MOW's Northwest Tour this year.



Car #9 - Bo & Joyce Johansen, San Leandro, CA. and their MT-19.  In slightly warmer weather the vents above the tool boxes are opened to provide ventilation.  Bo is running all new wheels this trip.

Car #10 - Wayne Parsons and his mother Anne are making their second trip to Canada together in this MT-14-M ordered by the Missouri Pacific RR in 1985.   An original Fairmont turntable has been added to this car.  Wayne served on safety watch during stops.



Car #11 - Al & Ethelyn McCracken, Santa Clara, CA and their open MT-14.  Al handles the NARCOA Rule Book Certification Tests.  Note the rear gas tank protector, "sleigh runner" type rail skids (visible in front of the front wheel) and the locomotive type mirror mounted on the front cab outside.

Car #12 - Nancy & Bud Stych, Traverse City, MI and their fiberglass cab Canadian MT-19.  Bud has done extensive re-wiring in this strong running car. There were no breakdowns on this seven day 900 mile event and the only thing towed was the port-o-potty.

Car #14 - Tom Phair's A-4E car in CN livery.  (Where is number 13?  Can you say "superstitious?")

Car #14 - Roz Breuner & Tom Phair, Alamo, CA. smile for the camera while waiting for a train meet.  Tom was the meet coordinator for this wonderful run.  Thank you Tom for EVERYTHING!

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