Motorcars, Speeders and Railcars

By Wayne Parsons

Southwest Railcar Ltd. - British Columbia 2005

Coordinator: Tom Phair  -  CN Rail Host: John Armstrong

Train meets, CN Equipment and CN People

Train meet #2 on the way to McBride.

The work crew building a new siding inspects us as we motor past.  Note that they are in the same well back from the rail safety position that we take for a passing train. 



Train meet #3 on the way to McBride.  We have backed down onto a short stub track next to a pile of salvage which includes spikes, metal buckets, tie plates, and steel bands used to hold tie bundles.  Note the port-o-potty on the right.

Train meet #4 returning from McBride to Prince George 8/11 at 11:31AM.



CN Rail Host John Armstrong stops by to chat.

CN Supervisor Ross Partington was our escort Aug 10 & 11 to and from McBride.  He says he has new overalls but none as comfortable as this old pair.



Train meet #5 Aug. 11 at 2:56PM while returning from McBride.  John Armstrong does a roll-by inspection and will radio the train crew with "no problems."

In the hole on the Takla Sub on the way to Fort St. James Aug. 12 at 1:30PM.  This was perhaps our longest wait.  Everyone took the welcome break to socialize.  However, John's stories about bears keeps the group close to their cars.



Train meet #6 Aug. 12 at 2:51PM.  I'll stop numbering the train meets as I may have lost count already!  The point is that CN Host John Armstrong takes a "can do" outlook to moving a motorcar group along with regular train traffic.

Train meet #6 continued.  This engine still has its' BC Rail livery following BCR's sale to CN.



The ride from Fort St. James to Lovell Cove Camp has gotten rough and two of the ladies have taken refuge in the Hy-Railer!

Visiting the crew train at Leo Creek MP 151 on the Takla Sub north of Ft. St. James.



Linda Ann Owen samples the food items at the Leo Creek crew train stop.  Thank you to all the folks who made our afternoon snacks here possible!

Kathryn Norman laughs at the unisex toilet arrangement.



While riding in the Hy-Railer, this lady tried to talk CN Supervisor Al Bedard's ear off and got laryngitis instead!

This work crew just makes it onto a stub track to let us pass.



Last safety meeting at Fort St. James before leaving for setoff in Prince George.

John Armstrong and escort Sam compare track warrants.



Train meet on 8/16 at 1:24PM as we're on the final leg to Prince George for setoff.

Same meet.  Note that after seven days on the rail the group has not let down on safety procedure and is standing well back of the passing train.



The last train meet near the diamond as we wait to cross the Fraser River

On the way to McBride we pass ballast cars on the siding under construction.



This equipment was moving past us on the siding. 

I believe this is called a crawl-on because the back hoe can crawl onto its' own car for moving along the track.



These workers stop to watch our group go past.

This yard worker at Prince George has a locomotive remote control rig in his front vest.



This is a utility vehicle seen at Lovell Cove that can clear snow and act as a switching engine.

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