Motorcars, Speeders and Railcars

By Wayne Parsons


Here are some files for those interested in the motorcar hobby.  They include scanned pages from various Fairmont motorcar manuals and articles written by me that have appeared in hobby newsletters.  To the best of my knowledge, the scanned manual or instruction sheet pages have fallen into the public domain.  The articles and photographs are copyrighted by Wayne Parsons (or the original writers are credited) and the use of all materials is granted solely to motorcar owners for personal reference.  All other rights are reserved.  No warranty or guarantee is made about the methods and materials discussed.  Decide for yourself if the information is useful to you.

Primer on Motorcar Hobby - Articles by J. Winkworth and C. Lee    19 KB
16 Ideas for Motorcar Equipment    Includes a short list of must have spare parts, and ideas on what chain parts to carry.  5 KB
Bootlegging - Letter to North Bank Fred    North Bank Fred has a web site about Hobos.  7 KB
How to crimp Motorola Radio Antenna mini UHF connectors    Details the tools needed for proper antenna connector installation.  95 KB
Onan Electronic Ignition Kit 160-1376    This includes the OEM ignition kit installation instructions (3 pages) and an article about what maintenance the electronic ignition needs every so often.  1376 KB
Intercom prices & vendors    Article with prices, model numbers, and vendor phone numbers.  7 KB
Sigtronics Intercom Data Sheet    I recommend the Sigtronics Intercom because it is reliable and cost effective.  This is the manufacturers data sheet.  789 KB
US Customs Form 7525 for taking motorcars into Canada    When taking a motorcar into Canada for a meet, or transporting one across Canada to Alaska, fill out this form and stop at US Customs and get it stamped on the US side before entering Canada.  A good idea is to also have a copy of your Bill of Sale for the speeder with you.  Presenting this stamped form to the US Customs Agent when returning from Canada will greatly simplify your trip.  Some might say this form is not necessary.  But, a word to the wise. . . 127 KB  I have used form 7525 on two occasions.

Keith Mackey recommends 4455 and 4457 (right).

US Customs Form 4455 Certificate of Registration     First of two companion certificate of registration forms that are simpler to understand and fill out than US Customs Form 7525.  Use these two forms in place of 7525 (?).  Get it stamped before entering Canada.  53 KB

US Customs Form 4457 Certificate of Registration    Second of two companion certificate of registration forms.  Get it stamped at on US side before entering Canada.  The main trick with dealing with customs is having something officially stamped and ready to show on re-entry into the USA. 59 KB


Onan B48G Governor scanned manual pages    781 KB

Fairmont Transmission article by Bob Snyder   Bob Snyder has re-written and added material to an article first published in the MOW newsletter "LINEUP"

Hydraulic Turntable - Article    Included is the model number for a pump to replace the OEM Fairmont hydraulic pump.  1383 KB

Fairmont Turntable scanned manual pages    OEM hydraulic turntable.  729 KB

Fairmont Transmission scanned manual pages     512 KB

Speed Tables    Determine your speed the old fashioned way.  Use a stop watch, the mile posts, and these speed tables to figure your MPH.  6 KB

Spark Arrestors - 60 pages    Not sure where this came from, but it's AN AWESOME DOCUMENT with all types of spark arrestors including HAPCO, Gill, Caterpillar, etc.  2805 KB

White Pass Quiz    E-mail me if you want an answer or two.  1306 KB

From Fairmont Railway - guide to help identify motorcars    Quick one page guide listing model numbers, engine types, wheel base, weight, axles size, etc.  200 KB

Fairmont Belts  From Fairmont Railway - Belts listed by part number, listed by width and length, listed by "where used" in what cars.  The "where used" list is a gold mine of Fairmont car model information.  Would you believe ten MT14's that used belts!  799 KB

Scott Janz created a similar list compiled from manuals available at

Spark Plug Chart    Chart showing cross reference numbers between plug makers and rates plugs from cold to hot.  143 KB

Tire Dates    Photos show you how to read the date your tires were made.  Tires on your tow trailer older than 5 years are a blow-out waiting to happen!  952 KB

Fairmont Engines    Identify Fairmont engines with these pages about engine models, year introduced, etc., from the (rare) MCCA card set.  A scan of the complete set of these cards, that include photos of all motorcar types, is available elsewhere on the web.

C5 Carburetor for ROC Engine     C5 Carburetor 4 page "manual" - Fairmont bulletin #461  1612 KB

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