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GinRummy and Cribbage
(DOS Versions)

By David Teach

GinRummy and Cribbage are card games in which you play against a computer opponent.

Saves your high scores, statistics, and has many playing options. You can use the mouse or keyboard to play. EGA, VGA, MCGA, or Hercules graphics system required. Runs great on those older XT and 286 and computers as well as your new Pentium. They are DOS programs, but will work under Windows 3.1 or '95/98 just fine.

If you only want to run GinRummy in Windows 95 or later, or have Windows NT, then try my newer program written for 32-bit Windows environments. I have no plans at this time to update my Cribbage game to the Windows format.

These games are not crippled in any way. No nag screen interruptions or registration reminders.


Current DOS version is 5.6

This update released March 30, 2004 makes the game free instead of shareware.

View a GinRummy screen shot: GINRUM.GIF (15k)

Download the full game zip file: GINRUMMY.ZIP (83k)

Read the GinRummy DOS documentation:

View the GinRummy version history:

I also have an older CGA version (68k) for those people living in the ancient history of
CGA graphics. Fewer features, but all the bug fixes of GinRummy 5.1

And if you read to the bottom of the "Version History" list above, you can try out the original 1990 release of my Ginrummy game that is fun for comparing what's changed since the beginning.


Current version is 2.7

This update released March 30, 2004 makes the game free instead of shareware.

Download the full Cribbage game zip file: CRIBBAGE.ZIP (75k)

Read the Cribbage documentation:

View the Cribbage version history:

If you don't know how to handle zip files, you can download the shareware version of PkZip 2.50 (202k for DOS) or WinZip 8.0 (1259k for Windows 95/98) and install it. For more help on using zip files in DOS and Windows, click here.

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