GinRummy Version History

Version 6.70 - March 30, 2004

- GinRummmy is no long shareware, but free for unlimited use, with no nag screens or registration reminders. Enjoy.

Version 6.63 - January 05, 2003

- Found and fixed a sorting bug with a very rare combination of cards that would not recognize a better arrangement for matching runs and suits together for leaving a minimum of deadwood.

- Made it a little easier to enable the "registered" mode. (Someone couldnít get it to work.)

Version 6.62 - February 19, 2002

- I adjusted the speed again to make faster computers able to slow down the card animation. It is actually a sliding scale now with the lower numbers unchanged and the higher values being doubled, tripled and more from the previous delay amount. The highest possible number (99) should be acceptable on even the fastest new and upcoming computers in the marketplace.

- Fixed a crash error that was possible when upgrading from a version older than 6.54 (where the card speed settings changed) if you had your option set to a value that was no longer valid.

Version 6.61 - January 1, 2001

- I changed a few of the colors and fonts in the game to make things easier to see and to be more consistent. I’ve been trying out some nice background bitmaps for many of the buttons and pop-up windows that made the program seem more polished, but they looked REALLY bad if the screen resolution was only set to 256 colors (which a lot of people still use), so I took them out for now.

- Enabled the use of the "Define Custom Colors" option when choosing the background color. You can make some really strange colors now. The "Add custom color to palette" won’t save a bunch of custom colors after quitting though, but if you chose one to be your new background color the game will save it for use. Note that there is a slider bar on the right that needs adjustment to have the preview area show what you are wanting.

- Even though nobody has complained, I now follow the official rules of the game in that the winner of the previous hand is the one who deals, and the loser goes first. Before if the "Cut For Deal" option was used then the deal alternated between the players, not taking the winner into account.

- Fixed a small bug that where I replaced the word "computer" with the custom name in a dialog box, but I forgot to get rid of the "the" before it. This resulted in saying things like "then the George can take your discard". This is fixed, but some possible names (like "Master" or "Idiot") actually work better with the "the" in place. If you want a "the" in the name now, you can put one in yourself easily in the custom computer name box.

Version 6.60 - April 28, 2000

- Added the ability to select the background color for the game play screen. Saving this option required a new field in the player data file and consequently only the current active player information and statistics will be loaded. Running the game for the first time after installing will give you a notice that it is converting the old data to the new format. I’m sorry if you have more than one player record active, but there was no other way to add this option without adding a lot of complicated and cumbersome code to convert the entire file of old player data. Make sure that you run the older version of GinRummy first and make active whichever player you want to keep before installing the new version.

- Because of the change to the options file, you can now have custom computer names of 15 characters in length (same as the player name) instead of 10 like before.

- Fixed a few more places where the word "computer" was being used instead of the custom name in some dialogs.

Version 6.55 - January 5, 2000

- Happy Y2K. Since my program doesn't use any code dealing with the date or year, it is completely ready for the end of the world or whatever comes after. ;-}

- The check to see if the player or computer name was blank didn't work. You now cannot have empty names for either player. The documentation always said this, but I'm not sure how long my code was allowing it anyway.

- Put the new "Computer Name" option in the correct spot in the order when using the tab key to move between options. Also, now only the Escape key re-draws the screen; all other undefined keys do nothing, like they should.

- The pop-up help for Knocking in the options menu said the opposite of the real way that it worked. This is fixed now and it should be a little clearer to everyone. Thanks Randy.

- Fixed a minor bug that didn't show the deck being empty if the screen was re-drawn when no valid cards were left in the deck.

Version 6.54 - December 27, 1999

- Oops, I missed a few places where the custom computer name was not replacing the word “Computer”, mostly in the pop-up boxes. This should be fixed everywhere now.

- Added a higher range for the delay of the "card dealing speed" in the options menu. Very fast new computers should now be able to use a setting that will show the sliding cards more smoothly and clearly. Guess what I got for Christmas? ;-}

Version 6.53 - November 23, 1999

- By request, the computer opponent can now be given a personalized name. This can be a maximum of 10 characters long (compared to 15 for the player name). Like most other options, you can have a different computer name for each player in the options settings file.

- Fixed a game-crashing bug when using the keyboard to discard the number ten card (by hitting 0) from the player’s hand. I believe this has been around a long time but was never reported until now.

- Fixed a few minor display problems related to refreshing and re-drawing the screen in certain circumstances. If you ever find that any cards seem to have been lost because some other window covered the screen, you can just hit the Escape key to re-draw everything on the game play area.

- All menu screens and prompt boxes can now be closed with the Escape key. If the current box is prompting for a Yes/No question, then NO is the default choice when canceling. When in a menu screen (like the Statistics screen) hitting Escape is the same as clicking on the "Return to Main Menu" button.

Version 6.52 - November 10, 1999

- GinRummy now supports using the "Large Fonts" display setting much better. This is only true for the 800x600 screen mode since 640x480 with large fonts is extremely cramped and I doubt anyone uses that combination since all the necessary stuff just isn't going to fit on the screen that way.

- Added a small button that shows up on the game screen after the player has chosen to "Play to Gin" that allows you to turn knocking back on again. This was requested by several people and is handy if you want to knock because the deck is out of cards and don't want the hand to end in a "draw". The text on the button is very small, but I didn't want the button to be large and obtrusive.

Version 6.51 - October 8, 1999

- GinRummy is now written and compiled in the newer version 6.0 of Microsoft Visual Basic. All the necessary files are now included in the main installation file since there is no longer any separate Runtime Library installation file. This makes it a little easier for most users, but the size of the download has grown some (even though it is still fairly small).

- When all the allowable cards in the deck have been used and the game ends in a draw, it now shows the computer's hand.

- Eliminated a way to take advantage of the computer when the "Cut for Deal" option was used. The human player could choose to take the first card on his turn (or if the computer declined it and offered when it went first) and then discard it without ending the turn. It acted like and undo from the discard pile and you could then draw from the deck. This essentially took away the opportunity for the computer to go first most of the time. It now works so that if you take the first discard when the choice is offered, your turn will end if you discard it.

- Added a background graphic to the Main Menu screen. Maybe later there will be one on the game play screen, but there are a few complications for now.

Version 6.5 - May 26, 1999

- I finally tracked down and fixed (I hope) that "Overflow Error 6" problem that some people experienced. It only happened when you were playing to a high score limit for a large number of hands.

Version 6.42 - May 25, 1999

- Made the computer (and consequently the hint function) much smarter when choosing a card to discard. This should make it a little tougher for people whose strategy is to knock early and often.

- Now uses a newer version of the QCards.DLL freeware card library file.

Version 6.41 - March 1, 1999

- Fixed a bug where the right mouse button didn't always choose the hint function. If you right-clicked over a card that could be discarded then it usually would discard it instead of giving a hint.

- Fixed a small bug that left the mouse cursor in the hourglass shape when the hand was played to a draw on the computer's turn.

- Put small lines under the letters in the instructions at the bottom of the game play screen that represent the active keys when using keyboard to draw and discard.

- Made quite a few small cosmetic changes and fixes in several places.

Version 6.4 - February 7, 1999

- Fixed a bug that didn't sort some card combinations optimally. This usually happened when making a new run with some cards taken from two sets of 4.

- Fixed a bug that sometimes made the computer knock when it wasn't supposed to be able to knock. This sometimes occurred when the computer had knocked on the previous hand and then you were asked to knock but didn't.

- Fixed a bug that didn't allow you draw from the discard pile after the computer used the last valid card in the deck. As you know, the rules say that you cannot draw from the deck if only two cards remain, but in my program you can't really see these two cards. I draw a gray box with a red X in it to show that no valid cards remain in the deck and the 50th card (not the 52nd) is the last one that is valid.

- I improved the way the two cards on the main menu are changed. Instead of the left and right mouse buttons changing the left and right card randomly, you now click directly on each card to cycle up or down (using the left and right button, respectively) the deck in sequence. This should make it easier to get the cards you want for setting the "Registered" version status that disables the beg screen.

- By request, I added a red bar over the drawn card when the computer takes your discard. It also stays in place in the middle of the screen a little bit longer than before.

Version 6.32 - February 3, 1999

- Fixed the knock formula (again) that still wasn't working correctly. You should now see the computer knock a little more often (like it was supposed to) now.

- Improved the screen drawing when maximizing and resizing the game windows under several different screen resolutions. The main menu screen will only max out to 800x600 now, just like the game window.

Version 6.31 - January 31, 1999

- Clarified more of the screen instructions and made a few small visual improvements.

Version 6.3 - January 29, 1999

- Added a card speed option to control how smoothly the cards are moved on the screen.

- Fixed a minor bug that covered up (and didn't re-draw) the drawn card in the middle of the screen if you clicked on the Quit button but didn't quit.

- The cards are now dealt more "true to life" by alternating between players when starting a new hand.

- Hints also can now be selected using the right mouse button.

- You can now change the card back in the options menu by clicking on the example card back.

- Improved the instruction messages (at the bottom of the game screen) at the start of a new hand when the "Cut for Deal" or the "Eleven/Ten" option is on.

Version 6.2 - January 25, 1999

- Added the "Cut for Deal" option to determine who goes first, instead of having the human always playing first. Players also alternate turns for the rest of the hand if this is selected. This is the standard way to play GinRummy, but for almost 8 years my game has never had this option until now. Not one single person has complained or requested that they not be able to go first or that the computer should be able to take the first upcard if they declined to use it, and that has surprised me.

- Added the "Eleven/Ten" variation to the options. If selected, the first player is dealt eleven cards and must discard one as his first play. This eliminates the possible confusion about taking the first discard when players alternate dealing.

- Added the ability to reset the statistics for a player instead of deleting his record in the options menu.

- Fixed a bug generating some random numbers used in the computer knocking formula. You should see the computer knock more often (like it was supposed to) now.

- Fixed a bug with the Help file not restoring the screen if invoked after the first round of play.

- Improved the computer's discard choosing formula in certain situations. This also makes the Hint function work a bit better.

- Changed the mouse cursor to an hourglass shape (meaning "wait") when the program is busy and cannot process input. This is used when dealing cards, when it is the computer's turn, or during file saving and loading.

Version 6.1 - January 21, 1999

- Fixed a bug where laying off cards should only have been done when knocking, not after a Gin.

- Fixed a bug that only let you select the first and last record in the options file or the statistics file.

- The program now installs to its own program group under the "start button" menu, instead of a single icon there. If you install this version over an older one, then you can erase that old icon.

- The Oklahoma option is now off by default when creating a new player. Most people were not expecting it on, and there was some confusion. I thought I did this in the previous version, but it only worked when creating a new configuration file if one didn't exist, adding additional players still had it turned on.

- More sounds have been added for card dealing, shuffling and a few other events. Also added a check box to the player options to enable or disable these sounds. See the Tips and Advice section of the help file for notes on changing or replacing these sounds with custom files.

- Added an option to let you choose whether you had to play to Gin when an Ace was the first upcard and the Oklahoma option was enabled. If not, then the knock value is 1 instead. Since this option only matters if the Oklahoma option in on, the button is disabled if Oklahoma is off.

- The main menu screen now looks better when maximizing it to resolutions above 640x480.

- The box that asks whether to knock now finally says "Play to Gin" as one of the options instead of the "Cancel" that was being used as a placeholder. All dialog boxes during game play are now fixed in place where they will not obscure text or the cards, making card re-drawing much simpler.

- Some strange things happened when using the compiled executable file that didn't when running the game from the raw basic code in the development interface (like the options windows closing after creating or deleting a player).

- NOTE TO 6.0x USERS: player statistics will be reset due to a change in the option file to allow for future possible options. Sorry, but better now than later. The configuration file is unchanged, so registered users won't lose their registered status setting.

Version 6.02 - January 14, 1999

- The screen is now updated or re-drawn (most of the time) when the cards have been erased by moving the message boxes or when opening other windows (like the help file).

- The help file is now context-sensitive depending on what window you have open in the program.

- Several small changes and improvements were made that are probably not even noticeable.

Version 6.01 - January 10, 1999

- I spent all day learning how to make Windows help files, so now the GinRummy documentation is accessible from within the game.

- I found a nice freeware one-step self-extracting archive program with built-in installer, so now GinRummy setup is only one step, temporary files are cleaned up for you. Thanks to "Paquet Builder".

- There are now two window sizes for game play: 640x480 (default) and 800x600. The cards are the same size (actually everything is), but the screen is not as crowded. The 800x600 size is the largest it will get, even if you have a screen resolution above that. For all resolutions: click the maximize button on the top-right corner of the game window to expand it to the largest size. The main menu is still the same size.

- Fixed a bug that didn't save your game play window position.

Version 6.0 - January 6, 1999

- Converted my GinRummy 5.4 for DOS into a 32-bit Windows program, with the familiar easy-to-play layout and all the best features. Longtime users of my older DOS game will feel right at home.

- It now saves the separate configuration of EACH player instead of one setting for all players.

- The cards look much more professional (especially the face cards), and you now have a choice of 6 card backs for the deck.

- There is better animation of cards sliding around the screen. Also, the deck and discard pile shrink and grow according to their card count.

- For those of you who cannot get my DOS GinRummy program to work correctly on new Window 98 machines, this one should install much easier.

If you are interested in the details of prior versions of this game (for DOS) please check here for its long history.

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