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Great Gray Owl
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New Mexico Trips & Links
New Trip Oct 1999
Lesser Prairie-Chicken
Long-billed Dowitcher

Dick Hoffman's gull photos
Kumlien's race Iceland Gull

Shorebirds are among our favorite birds, and while it can be difficult to find suitable habitat near Cleveland, we do try. We also take whatever opportunities arise to see shorebirds elsewhere. We have been accumulating links and images of shorebirds on the web and invite you to visit. Now with a Shorebird Photo Quiz!
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OHIO birding links
Northeast Ohio: Statewide: More from Dick & Jean Hoffman:
Birding links farther afield
Our picks of Birding Link Libraries: Birders need to know the weather and the Weather Channel is a good source: For our map needs...The Perry-Castaņeda Library Map Collection
     at The University of Texas at Austin

A few special pages:
Tony Palliser's
Pelagic Home Page
Check various birding skills at
The Patuxent Bird Quiz

Where We've Been Picked:
Birding at the Mining Company GORP
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