The following is a copy of the rules to Hot Death Uno written sometime between 1989 September and 1990 April. There are some differences between this version and current versions. One notable difference is that the Vacuum card has disappeared. Another is that when a player exceeds 1000 points, the game now ends; originally, that event simply eliminated the player in question, and the survivors would continue play until everybody but the winner was eliminated. (In the event that all the surviving players exceeded 1000 points in the final hand, the lowest score would be used as a tiebreaker — although this tiebreaker isn't specified in the rules below.) I have tried to keep this as close to the original file as possible, although some editing has occurred as the original file was pure ASCII text; additionally, some spelling and grammar corrections have been made. (Note that the address at the bottom is definitely not correct — in fact, that address is how I date this copy.)


The card game “Uno” is ©1992 by International Games, Inc., a Mattel Company. This is according to my two Uno decks, and the copyright has no doubt been maintained since then.


Version 1.1
Created by: Chris Kulander
Matt Murray
John Howard
Jason Seifert
Byron Hoffman
& Playtesters
Larry Geraghty
Larry Prikockis
Keith Ammann

Editor's note: It is presumed that all players of this game already have a working knowledge of the game UNO. All rules of the original game apply, unless specifically altered by the following rules.

General Rules and Changes

This version of Hot Death UNO is far more evil than the tame original game. It requires the use of two decks instead of just one. It also requires a good pen to create the special cards needed for play.

The object of the game is to be the last remaining player. A player is out if his score goes over 1,000 points. (This is, of course, flexible.) Score is much the same as original UNO except for the special cards which are described later in this text.

Special Note

Cheating is not allowed but is by all means encouraged.

Basic Overview of Special Cards

BLUE '2'
1 "69" CARD YELLOW '6'

Description of Special Cards

"EAT HOT DEATH"-DRAW 8 ( A Regular WILD card )

The EAT HOT DEATH card causes the next player in the rotation to draw 8 cards.

The EAT HOT DEATH card is worth 100 pts. if it is in your hand at the end of a game.

"DELAY BLAST"-DRAW 4 ( A Draw-4 WILD card )

The DELAY BLAST card first skips the next in the rotation then makes the second person draw-4.

The DELAY BLAST card is worth 100 pts. if it is in your hand at the end of a game.

"MYSTERY DRAW" Wild Card ( A Regular Wild Card )

The "MYSTERY DRAW" Wild Card is played as a normal Draw-4 except the number of cards drawn by the next player is determined by the previous number card played. If played on any type of written or special card ( Any card other than a number. ) the card reverts to being a normal wild card.

The "MYSTERY DRAW" Wild Card is worth 10 times the highest number in your hand. If you have no numbered cards it's worth 10 points.

Stacking and the "HARVESTER OF SORROWS" ( Draw-4 cards )

During play, if someone plays a Draw-4 ( including the "DELAY BLAST", but not the "EAT HOT DEATH" or the "MYSTERY DRAW". ) the next player has the option of "stacking" another Draw-4 on top. This allows him to call suit and makes the next player eat 8 cards. The third player now has the option of stacking a Draw-4, thus sending 12 cards to the fourth player. This mess continues until one of the following occurs :

  1. Someone becomes the victim and eats all the cards.
  2. Someone plays the "FUCK YOU", "HOLY DEFENDER", or the "AIDS" on it.
    **NOTE** If someone drops the "DEFENDER" the next player has the option to continue the Stack or lay a different special card.
  3. Someone plays the "HARVESTER OF SORROWS"

The "HARVESTER OF SORROWS" is a normal Draw-4 except it cannot stacked upon. It also cannot be returned, FUCKED, DEFENDED, AIDS......NOTHING!!! It forces you to eat your 4,8,12... cards like a good little player. It can also be used to defend yourself if some returns a stack to you. It ends all stacking...end of discussion.

The "HARVESTER OF SORROWS" is worth 0 points at the end of a hand.

"QUITTER" ( A Green '0' )

The "QUITTER" is one of the meanest cards in the deck. It causes the next player to quit the current hand of play. The "QUITTED" player adds up the points in his hand and sits out for the rest of the hand.

The "QUITTER" card is worth 100 pts. if in your hand at the end of a game.

"SHITTER" ( A Yellow '0' )

The "SHITTER" is the worst card to have in your hand for it must be played last....NO EXCEPTIONS! You have to make it the last card you play. However, sneaking the "SHITTER" out of your hand by sticking it under another card is fine. (This is known as a "SHITTER" DUMP.) **BUT** If you are caught in the act, you must lay the "SHITTER" face up in front of you for the rest of the hand.

The penalty for having the "SHITTER" in your hand at the end of a game is steep. The player must add up the rest of the points in his hand. Then he compares his score to all the other player's scores. Whichever of the player's scores is highest becomes the "SHITTED" player's score as well. The player does not add his score to the highest score, and if his is the highest score then he keeps it.

"FUCKER" or the "FUCK YOU" card ( A Blue '0' )

The "FUCKER" is the ultimate revenge card. Its simple function is to send the ill effects of a card directly back to its sender. ( Ex: Player #1 plays the "QUITTER" on Player #2. #2 plays the "FUCK YOU" card and Player #1 is out of the game instead. Player #3 now plays on the Blue Zero. ) It is useable against the following : "QUITTER", "EAT HOT DEATH", "DELAY BLAST", Normal or Stacked Draw-4's, and "GLASNOST". It has no effect on the "HARVESTER OF SORROWS", "M.A.D.", "VACUUM", or any type of Draw-2.

If a player still has the "FUCKER" in his hand at the end of a game, his score is automatically doubled.

"HOLY DEFENDER" ( A Red '0' )

The "HOLY DEFENDER" is the best defensive card in the deck. It is used much the same as the "FUCK YOU" card, except that instead of returning the ill effects back to the sender it acts as a shield and sends them on to the next player. ( Ex 1: Player #1 plays the "QUITTER" on Player #2. #2 plays the "HOLY DEFENDER" and Player #3 is now "QUITTED". Player #4 plays on the Red '0'. ) However, the "HOLY DEFENDER" and the "FUCK YOU" can be played against each other. ( Ex 1 (cont.): Player #3 plays the "FUCK YOU" card on Player #2's "HOLY DEFENDER". This sends player #2 packing and Player #4 laughs out loud and plays on the Blue '0'. ) The "HOLY DEFENDER" may be used against the following : "QUITTER", "EAT HOT DEATH", "DELAY BLAST", Normal or Stacked Draw-4's, and "GLASTNOST". It also is useless against the "HARVESTER OF SORROWS", "M.A.D.", "VACUUM", or any type of Draw-2.

The "HOLY DEFENDER" will halve your score if in your hand at the end of the game.

REVERSE-SKIP ( 1 "Reverse" of each color )

The REVERSE-SKIP is a simple card. When played it changes direction then skips the next person in the new direction. The REVERSE-SKIP may be played on a "Reverse" but not a "Skip", and a "Skip" may not be played on a "REVERSE-SKIP".

The REVERSE-SKIP is worth 40 points.

DOUBLE-SKIP (1 "Skip" if each color )

The DOUBLE-SKIP skips two player instead of the usual one.

The DOUBLE-SKIP is worth 40 points.

SPREADERS (1 "Draw-2" of each color ) and the "PENN STATE / JOE PATERNO LOVES YOU" card ( Blue '2' )

SPREADER Draw-2's causes every other player to draw 2 cards and allows the player of the card to go again. However, if any of those players has the "PENN STATE" card, he holds it up. This forces the player of the spreader to take the two cards that would have gone to the "PENN STATE" card holder. Control now goes to the "PENN STATE" card holder and play continues in the same direction.

Point value for the SPREADERS is equal to the number of remaining players ( not including yourself ) times 20 points. The "PENN STATE" card is worth the same as the highest value card in your hand.

"69" Card ( A Yellow '6' )

On the simplest level the "69" card can be played as either a '6' or a '9'. It also endows its owner the ability to play 6's and 9's interchangably. ( Ex: It allows a Blue 9 to be played on a Green 6. ) If someone argues that you can't play a Blue 9 on a Green 6, you reveal the "69" card and that player draws 2 cards. However, if someone tries the above example without the "69" card and is caught in the act, that player draws 2 cards and picks up the cheated card.

If the game ends and a player still has the "69" card in his hand at the end of a game, he recieves 69 points. It does not matter if his point total was 12 or 1,212, he ends with 69 points. However, the "69" card is subject to the effects of special cards. It can be doubled ( by the "FUCKER" ), it can be halved ( by the "HOLY DEFENDER" ), and it can be lowered ( by the "MAGIC RED 5".)

"MAGIC RED 5" Card ( A Red '5' )

The "MAGIC RED 5" is deeply rooted in the creation and history of Hot Death UNO. ( A history only the creators give a damn about. ) Its first use is that it reflects the effects of the "EAT HOT DEATH" back to the sender. Its other, and more important use is that it can be played on any card in the deck, thus acting as a wild card that changes the suit to Red.

If in your hand at the end of a game, the "MAGIC RED 5" is worth negative 5 points.

"GLASNOST" Card ( A Red '2' )

The "GLASNOST" card strives for a more peaceful game. It causes the next player to drop his hand on the table for all to see. He must now play his hand face up from the table. Any new cards he draws can go back to his hand.

The "GLASNOST" Card is worth 75 pts. at the end of a hand.

"AIDS" Card ( A Green '3' )

The "AIDS" card is a very complex and dangerous card. It can be played away as a harmless Green 3 and forgotten. However, it is a good defense card in the fact that, unlike the "FUCKER" which sends it all back, the "AIDS" card splits the effect between the two players. ( No one wins when you fuck with AIDS. ) A Draw-8 becomes a Draw-4 for both players, the "QUITTER" causes both players to quit. "AIDS" is the final word on the subject it cannot be bounced around ( FUCKED, DEFENDED, ETC. )

The point value for "AIDS" is special. The card itself is worth 13 pts. at the end of the game. But it also adds 10 pts. to your score every non-winning round thereafter. If you are caught with the "AIDS" card again, 20 pts. is then added to your score per round.

"M.A.D." Card ( A Yellow '1' )

This is a very nasty card. The "MUTUALLY ASSURED DESTRUCTION" Card ( M.A.D. ) will take the player and any other player of his choice out of the game. If drawn, it must be played. It can not be FUCKED, DEFENDED, AIDS...NOTHING!!!. Both players are out and that's the final word. If either player has the "SHITTER", the "SHITTER" is nullified.

If the card is not played by the end of a game, it costs the owner 100 points.

"VACUUM" Card ( A Blue '9' )

The "VACUUM" Card allows the player to suck any special card out of any other players's hand. All the cards mentioned in this description section and all Wild cards are suspect to the "VACUUM". If none of those types of cards are in the target hand then the "VACUUM" card is wasted. Draw-2's, Reverses, Skip's, and their variations ( DOUBLE-SKIP, SPREADERS, ETC. ) are not suspect to being vacuumed.

If in a player's hand at the end of the game, the "VACUUM" Card is worth the same as the highest card left among the left over hands.

"LUCK O' THE IRISH" Card ( A Green '4' )

The "LUCK O' THE IRISH" Card allows its owner to lower the number of cards the owner is forced to draw by 1. ( Ex: Player #1 is on the recieving end of a Draw-8. He holds up the "LUCK" card and only draws 7. ) Its other use is to add 1 card to the cards you force on someone else. It must be played before the 'Draw' card is played. The "LUCK" card acts as a "HARVESTER OF SORROWS" making the next player eat the number of cards, plus one more, NO EXCEPTIONS!"

The "LUCK O' THE IRISH" Card is worth 77 pts. at the end of a game.

Special Conditions and Other Trivialities

If a game ends, and a player has in his possession both the "QUITTER" and the "FUCKER", that player gets 1,000 pts. and is out of the entire game.

If a player manages to collect all four "Bastard" cards ( The "Bastard" cards are the four '0' cards : "QUITTER", "SHITTER", "FUCKER", and "DEFENDER" ), that player lays all four down and wins that hand automatically.

Recon missions to spy upon neighboring hands is recommended, although it is very illegal.

If a player leaves the table for any reason, while play is in session, the remaining players may examine all his cards, make secret plots against him, or do any other type of nastiness to him.

Creation and design of the cards are left to the descretion of the deck owner. However, the creators recommend that new deck owners keep the card numbers and colors the same. It's part of the game's history, it maintains a congruency among the decks, and the cards we have assigned keep the amount of remaining cards fairly balanced.

Players are welcome to add or subtract his own cards to/from the game. If any playtest well, please pass on the idea to one of the creators. **Advice** Don't make too many because it slows the action of the game, and ruins the fun.

We, the creators/inventors/playtesters, hope you enjoy this game and remember "One Good Draw-2, Deserves Another!"

If you have any additional comments, questions or whatever, please send comments to:

Larry Prikockis
769B Stuart Hall
Univ. of Dayton
Dayton, Ohio 45469

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