Your Web Reporter Wayne Parsons at        Mt. Shasta Line - Mile Post 5

Motorcars, Speeders and Railcars

By Wayne Parsons

McCloud Railway

June 9th & 10th 2007

Coordinator: Tom Phair

Southwest Railcar Ltd.

Participants Line Up

Otto and Diana Miller from Grants Pass, Oregon, operated this MT-19 as our lead car.  Otto was on the work crew cutting fallen trees and over growth along the track.
Earl Failla (right) from Merlin, Oregon, and his passenger Jerry Hellinga rode this MT-19.  Earl was also on the work crew clearing the track.

William Bingman (left) from Seward, Alaska, and his passenger Bruce Shoemaker rode in this former UP car.  Note the long red strap attached to his chain.  This helps keep from starting off with the chain still out.
Dan and Dee Berg from Las Vegas, Nevada, operated this MT-19 that has a Les King Tomah style cab.  Dan is working to organize a run on the Alaska Railroad for June 2008.

Paul Zaro from San Jose, CA, operated this homebuilt MT-19 style car with a Moon roof and tinted windows. 

There are at least two more levers / handles in the cab than expected.  Before all the chrome was added, the engine started life as a CCKB.  In the rear of the car photo on the far right you might barely recognize the transmission from a S2 that is connected by a belt to the output of a regular two speed Fairmont transmission. If they ever lay tracks on the Bonneville Salt Flats, this thing ought to set a land speed record!


Chris Kimberlin, and his wife Christina from Bermuda Dunes, CA, and mother-in-law Beula Nyback ride in this MT-14M that came from the Missouri Pacific by way of Newman Machinery in Phoenix, Arizona.  Note the paint on the inside of the car and the faded patina of the color on the outside front panel - that certifies this car as all original. 



John Martin (left) from Wasco, CA, and his passenger Andy Wedel ride this MT-19 that John bought even before he ever took a speeder ride.  The deer antlers are a traditional ornament of railroading and were found on the light of just about every "American" 4-4-0 style steam engine that operated in the west.


Dave Himbert (right) and Tom Gerald from Weaverville, CA, operate MT-19 number 2330.
Debbie and Lonnie Hughes from Moorpark, CA are just getting into the hobby.  They operated this MT-14 that is in perfect shape - note the very straight lines of the roof and car front.

This is Wayne Parsons, your web reporter from Granada Hills, CA, with a MT-14M that also came from the Missouri Pacific by way of Newman Machinery in Phoenix, AZ.  This heavy car originally did not have a turntable; probably due to the miserly ways of an unknown purchasing agent.
Carol and Dave Balestreri from Sacramento, CA operate this MT-14.  Note the rear gas tank protector.  Your web reporter has a very low opinion of most modifications to the original car design.  However, this tank protector is definitely a good idea.

Aron Kahn (right) and his brother Dan Kahn from San Louis Obispo, CA operate this MT-19 in UP colors. 
Bill Schertle (right) from Orange, CA and passenger Bob Walter ride this Rio Grande #4039 that Bill has just finished restoring.

Mike and Lynn Flaherty from Newcastle, CA ride this MT19 that came from a Southern Pacific auction by way of Pacific Rail Services.  Note the solid flip down motor cover that can prevent carburetor icing on a cold morning.
Patty and Jerry Logan from Downey, CA operate this ATSF belt car.  The air hose rail sweeps may have been a railroad modification.  Note also the bumper that has been added in front of the water hopper.

Dave Cook from McCloud, CA and passenger Kelly Derr ride this MT-19 that is a regular sight on the line.  Dave is our "go to" source for the history of steam on the McCloud.
Pam and Bud Thompson from Ft. Bragg, CA operate this MT-14M (Fairmont car # 3076) that is the third car at this meet to come from the Missouri Pacific.  Bud drove to Texas to pick it up from a former railroad employee.  Note the mid cab placement of the lights that was later raised to the cab top.  This light placement and the CCKB engine mark the car as one of the first "M" or "master" series cars delivered.

Operator Ron Huey (right) from Shasta Lake, CA and passenger Jerry Rasmussen check the engine oil in this Woodings car.  The car does not have a split front axle like the Fairmont.  Instead each front wheel has a bearing arrangement similar to an automobile.
Lora Change and Grant Vogel of Plymouth, CA operate this MT19.  Lora has her own M-19AA. 

Paul and Dianne Waegele from Roseville, CA ride this former CN MT-19.  Paul is a past president of the host club Southwest Railcar, Ltd.
Jerry Criswell and his father Dennis Criswell from San Leandro, CA, ride this open MT-14.  Dennis is a stage hand with the San Francisco Opera.

Passenger Don Stuff and operator Bo Johansen from San Leandro, CA, "step aside" to give a clear view of Bo's car; a frequent runner on Canadian events.  Bo helped with many of today's meet arrangements and on the work party ahead of time.


Meet Coordinator Tom Phair from Alamo, CA, gives us a smile for the camera.  He operates this former CN A4-E with turntable.  Thank you Tom for all your hard work!  We had a great time and hope the McCloud Railway will be around for a while longer.

Burney (Set-on) to Lorenz Spur Junction 7.0  
Junction to Lorenz Mill site 2.0  
Lorenz Mill site to Junction 2.0  
Lorenz Spur Junction to Bartle 36.0  
Bartle to Hambone 13.0  
Hambone to Bartle 13.0  
Bartle to Burney (Set-off) 43.0  
Total Saturday Mileage   116.0
McCloud (Set-on) to Mt. Shasta (road Xing) 14.7  
Mt. Shasta to McCloud 14.7  
Yard Movement on Wye 1.0  
McCloud to Mt. Shasta (road Xing) 14.7  
Mt. Shasta to McCloud (Set-off) 14.7  
Total Sunday Mileage   59.8
Total Miles  175.8  

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