Errol Flynn

As Captain Blood, Robin Hood and the Sea Hawk, he was the "King of the Swashbucklers."

As Errol Flynn, he was Hollywood's number one rogue.

He was married three times, and also was the defendant in three rape trials. Indeed, it's fitting that his last major swashbuckling film cast him in the role of Don Juan.

The play joins Flynn a few weeks before his premature death. Knowing that the end is near, he is in a New York airport, waiting to fly west to see his children for the last time. Reminiscing about his life, he talks about his mischievous youth in Tasmania, the mother who always berated him as a "wicked, wicked boy", his days as a New Guinea slave trader, and his Hollywood adventures with the likes of John Barrymore, Jack Warner, Bette Davis, Olivia deHavilland and director Michael Curtiz.

Amusing, yet tragic, Michael B. Druxman's FLYNN is the saga of the screen's most lovable rascal.

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