Clark Gable

For nearly thirty years, Clark Gable was "the King" of Hollywood. Female fans swooned, male admirers were made envious of his unaffected masculinity. Through jaunty, self-assured performances in films like It Happened One Night, San Francisco and Gone With the Wind, he carved a niche for himself as the quintessential American movie star.

The play is set on the Nevada location of Gable's last picture, The Misfits. While waiting for his perennially tardy co-star Marilyn Monroe to arrive on the set, Gable reminisces about his Horatio Alger life and career, touching on his stormy relationship with his oil wildcatter father, his marriages to older women, his numerous affairs and his great love, wife Carole Lombard, who died in a 1942 plane crash...a tragedy from which Gable never recovered.

"Insightful", "funny", and "racy" are words that audiences have used to describe Michael B. Druxman's GABLE.
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