The Hollywood Legends

THE HOLLYWOOD LEGENDS is a series of one-person, two-act plays by noted Hollywood biographer, historian, screenwriter and playwright Michael B. Druxman that explore the life and times of some of filmdom's most glittering personalities.

From Clara Bow, "The 'It' Girl" of the silent era, through the birth of the talkies with Al Jolson and Maurice Chevalier, on through the thirties and forties with superstars like Clark Gable, Spencer Tracy, Carole Lombard and Errol Flynn, and, finally, Hollywood's "boy genius," Orson Welles, these anecdote-filled monologues present a humorous, often touching portrait of each star and the era in which he/she lived.

The plays, many of which have seen several productions, utilize simple costumes and props, and are designed to be staged on a single setting, with shifts in lighting to denote changes in time and place.
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