(2 m; one set)

Michael B. Druxman's Woody Allen/Neil Simon-like comedy explores the vicissitudes of the father & son relationship.

Alan Nathan is a twice-divorced Jewish screenwriter who can't understand why his beloved son, Marty, is suddenly causing him problems. Not only has the high school senior begun criticizing Alan's self-indulgent lifestyle, but he's now decided to quit school and go on the road as a rock musician. "If only he had lived with me all these years," Alan bemoans, "instead of his mother, my son's head wouldn't be so screwed up."

Tragedy strikes. Alan gets his wish. The boy moves in, and it's a disaster. He now has to "deal" with his son on a day-to-day basis...and Alan's psyche is not equipped for that... especially after Marty suddenly announces that he's become a "Jew for Jesus".

A funny, uniquely staged, piece with a universal theme.

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