Many Splendored Words

The Songs of Paul Francis Webster

(3m, 1w; piano player)

 Paul Francis Webster was one of Hollywood's most renowned lyricists. A three-time Academy Award winner, his catalog of songs includes such popular standards as "The Shadow of Your Smile," Somewhere, My Love," "The Green Leaves of Summer,"April Love," "Secret Love," "Friendly Persuasion," "The Song from Raintree County" and "Love Is a Many Splendored Thing."

Many Splendored Words introduces us to Webster and his longtime collaborator, composer Sammy Fain in 1977, as they go about planning what will be their final Oscar campaign. The friends poke fun at each other, bicker and reminisce about how they rescued for posterity many of their most endearing tunes, which were initially rejected by major recording artists.

Michael B. Druxman's cabaret-style musical revue incorporates more than 20 of Webster's best-known numbers, written with some of the the greatest composers of the period.

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