Basil Rathbone

was not only the consummate Sherlock Holmes,

he was also the movies' greatest swordsman.

In 1975, A.S. Barnes and Company

published my book

BASIL RATHBONE: His Life and His Films

It is no longer in print, nor is it likely to be again.

Yet, every year, I get letters -- and now, e-mail --

from all over the world, asking me questions

about this classic actor.

People also want to know where they can find a copy of this now rare book,

and the answer to that can be found if you

Click Here

Additionally, as a "public service,"

I've decided to make myself available to answer your questions about

Basil Rathbone

Keep in mind that I am NOT a research bureau.

If the answer to your question is in my book, or I can discern it without great effort,

I will pass it on to you...If not, I'm afraid you are on your own.

Michael B. Druxman

There are, however, some other excellent web sites on the Internet

devoted to "ol' Baz," as Errol Flynn used to call him.

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