About the Author

Beside How to Tell a Story...Any Story: THE ART OF STORYTELLING, Michael B. Druxman is also the author of seven popular books about Hollywood and its personalities, including Basil Rathbone: His Life and His Films, Make It Again, Sam: A Survey of Movie Remakes, Charlton Heston, Merv (the biography of Merv Griffin) and The Musical: From Broadway to Hollywood.

A produced playwright, he is best known in theatrical circles for his audience-pleasing one-person plays, collectively known as The Hollywood Legends. Subjects include: Al Jolson, Clark Gable, Carole Lombard, Maurice Chevalier, Orson Welles, Spencer Tracy, Clara Bow and Errol Flynn.

Mr. Druxman wrote the original screenplays for Keaton's Cop starring Lee Majors, Abe Vigoda and Don Rickles, released in 1990 by Cannon; Cheyenne Warrior (1994) with Kelly Preston and Pato Hoffmann, produced by Roger Corman's Corcorde/New Horizon Pictures; and Dillinger and Capone (1995), a gangster thriller starring Martin Sheen, F. Murray Abraham and Catherine Hicks, also from Corman's company.

He recently returned from Ireland where he directed his original screenplay, The Doorway, a supernatural thriller/black comedy starring Roy Scheider.

His first novel, Nobody Drowns in Mineral Lake, a mystery-thriller based on a true story, has been published by The Center Press.

Television writing credits include multiple episodes for Okavango, Gibraltar Entertainment's syndicated African adventure series starring Steve Kanaly.

He has been seen on the "Merv Griffin Show", "TV's Bloopers and Practical Jokes", "Entertainment Tonight" and the "E! Entertainment Channel."

Mr. Druxman is a member of The Dramatists Guild, Inc. He resides in Calabasas, California.


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