"One of the very best books on writing around"

-The Book Reader-

"Michael Druxman wrote me one of the best roles I've ever had. Now, after reading his book, I understand how he went about doing it."

Abe Vigoda, actor

The Godfather, "Barney Miller"

How to Write a Story...Any Story:

The Art of Storytelling

by Michael B. Druxman

A Directed Approach to Writing Great Fiction

"You want to write...and sell what you write....Read this book!

"Michael Druxman's original and perceptive 'How To' takes a beginning or a struggling writer by the hand and leads him/her step-by-step to a story that will work...and sell."

Stanley Rubin, producer

The Narrow Margin (1950), River of No Return, The President's Analyst