martensi - berdulinus - kintoki - coelinae

Group of the Genus Conus

This Conus group is a bit confusing, taxonomically. Hopefully these illustrations and data 
will help to ID shells in your collections. If anyone would like to contribute more information;
photos, distribution data or other pertinent facts please feel free to do so and I will incorporate the
photos and/or data into the web page. Send information to;

The following Cones are discussed, names are linked to pages with photos
and pertinent data for each species;

1) Conus martensi E.A. Smith, 1884

2) Conus berdulinus Veillard, 1972

3) Conus coelinae coelinae Crosse, 1858

4) Conus coelinae spiceri Bartsch & Rheder, 1943

5) Conus kintoki Habe & Kosuge, 1970

6) Comparison photos of all of the above;
    dorsal, aperture and spire views

There is only one specimen of each species shown in this website. This obviously does not represent
all of the morphological variations within each of the species. The Rockel, Korn and Kohn book does
show some of these variations for your reference. In comparing the specimens on this site you may
at least get a feel for "closeness or similarity" between species as well as the "differences" between
the species. The RKK book also shows taxonomic history and distribution range for each species.

I will try to add a distribution map for all of the species discussed at a later time if anyone thinks
it would be useful.

Thanks for your kind attention. Happy collecting!!

Copyright: You are welcome to use the photos or material for informative
purposes but not for monetary gain or commercial use.

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