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Enter the world of malacology, shells and molluscs.
This website displays not often seen molluscs
and is a linked index for non-commercial
educational/informational mollusc related websites.

Carl Von Linné

Some unusual shells
from my cabinet
and other collectors'

HMS Beagle

Carl Von Linné
1707 - 1778
"Natural Order"

HMS Beagle
"Platform of Evolution"

Bivalves of the hydrothermal vents

Calyptogena magnifica [hydrothermal vent clam]

Bathymodiolus thermophilus [hydrothermal vent mussel]

Extinct and not often seen Tree Snails of the genus Liguus

Liguus fasciatus graphicus form crassus

Liguus fasciatus solidus

Liguus fasciatus graphicus
variety dohertyi

Liguus fasciatus testudineus variety farnumi

Some not often seen Cypraeovula of South Africa

Cypraeovula castanea

Cypraeovula iutsui

Cypraeovula cruickshanki

Cypraeovula coronata coronata
[Unusual deepwater form]

Cypraeovula fuscodentata  [Unusual deepwater form]

A not often seen Amoria from northwestern Australia

Amoria kawamurai  

A not often seen Alcithoe from New Zealand

          Alcithoe wilsonae form  smithi

An unusual Harpa from East Diamond Isle

Harpa cf. major   [A white color form, new ssp.?]

Some not often seen Zoila from N.W. & W. Australia

Zoila jeaniana aurata   [A dwarf form with orange color base]

Zoila jeaniana aurata   [A dark spotted dwarf form with orange color base]

Zoila jeaniana   [A lightly spotted juvenile form with juvenile lined pattern]

Zoila jeaniana jeaniana   [A deepwater form having a Café color base]

Zoila friendii friendii   [A light colored deepwater form]

Zoila delicatura   [A new and not often seen form]

                    Zoila thersites contraria   [A not often seen deepwater thersites]

        Some not often seen shells from the Bahama Islands

Fastigiella carinata   [A not often pictured member of the Cerithiidae]

                    Conus abbotti  [A not often pictured and controversial member of the Conidae]
                    Conus abbotti [An unusual dark color form of this species]

                    Conus abbotti [A color series showing variation]

                    Charonia variegata  [The uncommon orange color form]

                    Latirus sp.   [unidentified specimens of Latirus from Eleuthera]

                    Strombus costata  [The uncommon pink color form]

          Some not often seen shells from the Philippines
                              and the Indian Ocean

Conus axelrodi   [A not often seen Conus species]

                            Conus pergrandis   [A not often seen Conus species, extra condition]

                            Conus julii   [A not often seen Conus species]

                    Conus floccatus   [A not often seen Conus species, specimen in extra condition]

                            Conus kinoshitai  form "tamikoae"  [A not often seen form of this Conus species]

                     Conus kinoshitai   [The typical form of this Conus species for comparison]

                            Conus aulicus  [A large specimen not often seen at this size and grade]

                            Conus lynceus  [A not often seen melanistic form of this Conus species]

                            Conus tuticorinensis  [A not often seen Conus species]

                      Conus lani  [A not often seen Conus species]

                     Conus oishii  [A not often seen Conus species and color form]

        The largest of the Marginellidae

Marginellona gigas   [A not often seen Marginellidae, and the largest of the bunch]

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'from so simple a beginning
endless forms most beautiful
and wonderful have been
and are being evolved.'

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The following are links to mollusc websites created
for your education and enjoyment

The Liguus Home Page
[Tree snails of the genus Liguus endemic to
South Florida, Cuba and Hispaniola]

The Polymita Home Page
[Tree snails of the genus Polymita endemic
to the easternmost province of Cuba]

The Endemic Cones of South Africa
[The genus Conus endemic to South Africa
and vicinities of the Indian Ocean]

The berdulinus-kintoki-coelinae-martensi Group
of the Genus Conus

[A sometimes confusing and related group of Cones]

The Xenophoridae Home Page
[An iconography of the carrier shells]

The marginata Home Page
[An iconography Zoila marginata]

Cone Shell and Conotoxins Home Page
[Dr. Bruce Livett's Conotoxins website]

My Other Hobbies
[Toy Soldiers,  Birdwing Butterflies and Orchids]

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