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Photo Page No. 9
Some images may be large and take some
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My other Hobbies
Toy Soldiers and Birdwing Butterflies
[Diversity is more fun]

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Lanciers de la Vistule 
CBG Mignot [Set of six; Std. bearer, Officer, Bugler and 3 lancers]
Part of Napoleon's Polish armies, "The Legion of the Vistule".
[Collection Emilio Jorge Power]


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Ornithoptera urvillianus 
D' Urville's Birdwing
Bouganville Island

[wingspan 138 mm]
[Collection Emilio Jorge Power]

Ornithoptera priamus poseidon 
Green Birdwing
Morobe province
Papua, New Guinea

[wingspan 139 mm]
[Collection Emilio Jorge Power]


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Ornithoptera goliath supremus 
Goliath Birdwing
Ceram, Indonesia

[wingspan 148 mm]
[Collection Emilio Jorge Power]


Laeliocattleya Excellency
var. "Orchidglade" 

Developed by Jones & Scully, Miami, FL.
Lucky me!! I  grow them poolside.

[Collection Emilio Jorge Power]

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