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Photo Page No. 3
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Cypraeovula castanea  (Higgins, 1868)
Collected off Cape St. Francis, South Africa.
Dived at 45 meters depth. Found dead on reef.
Length= 42.3 mm   Width= 27.2 mm
[Collection Emilio Jorge Power]

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Cypraeovula iutsui  (Shikama, 1974)
Collected, respectively as follows;
Atlantic form, dived at 45 meters depth, off Kommetjie, SW Cape;
Algoa Bay form, on lobster trap at 120 meters depth, off Algoa Bay, Eastern Cape;
Cape St, Francis form, on lobster trap at 140 meters depth, off Cape St. Francis, SE Cape;
all in  South Africa.
Kommetjie; Length= 28.1 mm   Width= 20.8 mm
Algoa Bay; Length= 24.9 mm   Width= 19.3 mm
Cape St. Francis; Length= 27.9 mm   Width= 22.3 mm
[Collection Emilio Jorge Power]


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Cypraeovula cruikshanki  Kilburn, 1972
Collected off Durban, South Africa.
Trawled at approx.  400 meters depth.
Length= 32.7 mm   Width= 26.6 mm
[Collection Emilio Jorge Power]


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Cypraeovula coronata coronata  (Schilder, 1930)
Collected off Algoa Bay, South Africa.
Deepwater form.
On lobster trap at approx.  180 meters depth.
Length= 29.7 mm   Width= 18.7 mm
[Collection Emilio Jorge Power]


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Cypraeovula fuscodentata  (Gray, 1825)
Collected off Algoa Bay, South Africa.
Deepwater form.
On lobster trap at approx.  150 meters depth.
Length= 27.2 mm   Width= 18.3 mm
[Collection Emilio Jorge Power]

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