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of South Africa

The majority of this Conus group is endemic to South Africa and some range from
South Africa to other limited areas of the Indian Ocean. Hopefully these illustrations and data 
will help to ID shells in your collections. If anyone would like to contribute more information;
photos, distribution data or other pertinent facts please feel free to do so and I will incorporate
the photos and/or data into the web page. Send information to;

The following Cones are discussed, names are linked to pages with photos
and pertinent data for each species;

1) Conus martensi E.A. Smith, 1884 [SA & Indian Ocean]

2) Conus berdulinus Veillard, 1972 [SA & Indian Ocean]

3) Conus pictus Reeve, 1843 [South Africa endemic]

        3a) Conus pictus transkeiensis Korn, 1998 [ New subspecies]

4) Conus bairstowi Sowerby, 1889 [South Africa endemic]

5) Conus typhon Kilburn, 1975 [South Africa endemic]

6) Conus visagenus  Kilburn, 1974 [South Africa endemic]

7) Conus algoensis algoensis  Sowerby, 1834 [South Africa endemic]

8) Conus algoensis simplex  Sowerby, 1858 [South Africa endemic]

9) Conus algoensis scitulus  Reeve, 1849 [South Africa endemic]

        9a*) Conus algoensis agulhasi  Coomans, Moolenbeck
                                                            & Wills, 1980
[South Africa endemic]

10) Conus infrenatus  Reeve, 1848 [South Africa endemic]

11) Conus mozambicus  Hwass in Bruguiére, 1792 [South Africa endemic]

        11a*) Conus mozambicus lautus  Reeve, 1844 [South Africa endemic]

12) Conus tinianus Hwass in Bruguiére, 1792 [South Africa endemic]

13) Conus natalis  Sowerby, 1857 [South Africa endemic]  

14) Conus lohri  Kilburn, 1972 [South Africa endemic]

15) Conus orbignyi elokismenos Kilburn, 1975 [SA endemic (subspecies only)]

16) Conus gradatulus  Weinkauff, 1875 [South Africa endemic]

17) Conus eucoronatus  Sowerby, 1903 [South Africa endemic]

18) Conus patens  Sowerby, 1903 [South Africa endemic]

19) Conus pertusus  Hwass, 1792 [SA & Indo-Pacific]

20) Conus sazanka  Shikama, 1970 [SA & Indo-Pacific]

21) Conus teramachii  (Kuroda, 1956) [SA & Indo-Pacific]

22) Conus sp. [New species, South Africa endemic]

23) Conus immelmani Korn, 1998 [A new species, South Africa endemic]

24) Conus altispiratus Sowerby, 1873 [A rare species, South Africa endemic]

*  These are dubious subspecies.
      Ref: note/discussion on the pertinent and linked photo page.

Note: It is not the intent of this listing to discuss all of the Conidae that
have been found at one time or the other in the SA area.

In many cases there is only one specimen of each species shown in this website.
This obviously does not represent all of the morphological variations within each
of the species. There are articles in "The Strandloper", with color photos, which
show some of these variations for your reference as follows;

    - Millard,V.G. & Freeman, D. 1979. Conidae of South Africa, The Strandloper, Apr/May 195:2-11
    - Liltved, W.R. & Millard, V.G. 1989. Conidae of South Africa, The Strandloper, Jan/Jun 225:2-12
    - Smith, G. 1992. C. natalis vs. C. gilchristi, The Strandloper, Dec 234:1

Thanks for your kind attention. Happy collecting!!

Collaborating collectors for this website;
Alan Seccombe, South Africa
Brian Hayes, South Africa
Emilio Power, Melbourne, Florida

The following is a related website discussing;
martensi - berdulinus - kintoki - coelinae

Group of the Genus Conus

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