Erica Schulman

ViolinFor a long time I was very nervous about putting personal information up on the web.  But my interactions with the people I have met through the Internet have been so positive that I thought I would give this a try.  I would particularly like to meet friends in the DC area; if you like what you read, please e-mail me.

I am 32 years old, live in Virginia and am head of Web / Java development for a startup company named CheckAGAIN.   The rest of this site gives the professional details, but in brief I studied physics at Harvard, went on to earn my Ph. D. at Columbia, did a post-doctoral fellowship at Penn State, and then decided to switch into computers (which had long been my other love).  The Internet revolution is too exciting to miss, and I am having a wonderful time.  I still enjoy hearing from fellow scientists, if any of you are reading this.

I love classical music, and have been involved with various aspects of it for many years.  As a kid I took piano lessons, but did not practice as much as I should have.  In college I was the producer / announcer for Sunday Night at the Opera, a four-hour weekly program, along with other shows and events.  Glory days.  During this time I also began studying the viola and became a chamber music enthusiast.  For graduate school I moved to New York City, which is still the center of classical music in the U.S.  I was fortunate enough to meet a number of so-called "piano nuts" and they gave me a love for the genre which still continues.  Going to recitals of superb but obscure pianists was a happy part of my life during those years.  I briefly dabbled as an impresario, helping to organize a three-concert series at Merkin Hall.  As a post-doc in Pennsylvania, the long hours sitting in a laboratory enabled me to meet many wonderful pianophiles through the newsgroups.  I don't have as much time for that anymore, unfortunately, but I still e-mail a number of them quite regularly and try to get to Canada at least once a year.

My main contribution to the piano world has been the web sites.  The first was a pro-bono site for the Parsi-Sicilian composer Kaihosru Sorabji.  I later went on to do work for Leopold Godowsky and Earl Wild.   People have been very kind in writing to me and I hope I have been able to help spread word about these wonderful musicians.  (A complete list can be found on my links page.)  This eventually led to a business, ENS Web Design, which gave me the opportunity to learn web technology that I was not able to acquire at my full-time job.  In order to learn Java, I wrote a game like everyone else, but I was determined that it would be a good one.  Little did I know that it would take three months...!  But it was worth it; it helped land my current great job and was a Gamelan staff pick.

I should set the record straight on one point:   despite the address of the Sorabji site, I have never lived in Canada and am not connected with McGill University.

Reading is another great favorite.  The fates smiled on me years ago and introduced P. G. Wodehouse.  Classic fiction (Bulgakov, Bukowski, Dante, I. B. Singer, Dickens, F. M. Ford, and others) helped to fill the bookshelves, but I also have a weakness for good mysteries (Hammett, G. McDonald, Robert Parker [in the early years], Grimes [ditto], Rex Stout, and the incomparable Arthur Conan Doyle).

Some people, including those who have seen me in person and thus should know better, have inquired about photos.   Fortunately my fiancÚ, Bruce, has taken care of this so click here to see them.  (While I'm at it, I'll put in a plug for another Internet resource --, where we met.  Friends of mine told me about their success stories which inspired me to try it, so hopefully I can help someone else!)

As mentioned earlier, I'm looking for friends in this area so please feel free to e-mail me at

Erica Schulman
November 21, 2000