Erica Schulman

Over 7 years of development experience. Highly skilled in JAVA (1.1 / 1.0 event models, beans; sample applet with source code available), C, SQL, and HTML. Head of web development for a complex system involving a large volume of financial transactions; webmaster for several other commercial sites. Formally trained in object-oriented analysis and design. Platforms include UNIX (Solaris, AIX), DOS, and Windows 3.1/95/NT.
Ph. D. in Physics, Columbia University, October 1994.
A. B. cum laude in Physics, Harvard University, June 1989.

Web Architect,
vTerm / CheckAGAIN
February 1998 - present
Head of web and Java development for vTerm. Creating a web-based system to handle financial transactions; also providing extensive server-side Java for non-interactive tasks. Tools: Bluestone Sapphire / Web, Oracle, SQLJ, Visual Cafe.
ENS Web Design

April 1996 - present
Webmaster and consultant for various sites, both commercial and non-profit. Responsible for all aspects of web development. Services provided include on-line transaction systems, HTML, graphic design and animation, CGI, Java, JavaScript, and more. Experienced with Visual Cafe, non-WYSIWYG HTML editors, Microsoft Access, Micrografx Picture Publisher and Simple 3D, Paint Shop Pro, Word 97, and Microsoft Front Page.

Please see the list of clients for more details.

Senior Systems Engineer,
Lockheed Martin
February 1996 - February 1998
Project lead supporting development of a major ground-based system. Responsible for software design, code, and initial test of an algorithmically intensive, time-critical utility library (approximately 20,000 lines of code written in C for a UNIX client-server architecture).

Extensive Oracle database design and modification.

Postdoctoral Fellow,
Penn State University
August 1994-February 1996
Supervised several graduate students in performing experimental research.
Graduate Research Assistant,
Columbia University
January 1990-June 1994
Co-authored a unified software package that controlled laboratory equipment, collected data, and performed detailed analysis of the results. C, assembly code, and D/A cards used with a PC. Also wrote numerous stand-alone routines in C and Mathematica batch code for image and frequency analysis on UNIX workstations.

Related Skills
Excellent mathematical qualifications, with several years of post-graduate work. Experienced presenter with invited talks at several universities. Author of various scientific publications, and an article on audio streaming over the Web.

For more details about my scientific research (1989 - 1996), please see the curriculum vitae.

References available on request.

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