For those who are wondering, a brief overview:

One night, I had a dream. It was 1555 and Darla, Spike, Drucilla and Angelus were wandering around 1555 Europe (I blame Neil Gaiman's 1601 myself). Elizabeth was the Queen of the Kingdom of York and Scotland, the Slayer Queen. A darkness was rising, or falling, as darkness often will.

So, I decided to write it out and see where the story went.

Introduction - In which our main characters hangeth abouteth, yeah verily

Chapter 1 - The plot begineth

Chapter 2 - Lost wanderething aroundeth in darkest sewer/wood/dream, the true way many chapters aheadeth.

Chapter 3 - Characters canter to points of some excitement.

Chapter 4 - Some revelations, some journeys. Pieces move about the board.



These aren't necessarily the sources I used, nor certainly the only sources on these subjects, but I like the footnotes, even when they're endnotes.

Chapter 1

Innocenzo del Monte/Pope Julius III

Suleiman the Lawgiver

John Dee

Chapter 2


Knights of Malta

Chapter 3

Mountain Left to Grow


Chapter 4


Blue moon

Caedmonís hymn

Veronica Franco