The Barrayaran Empire is made up three worlds and a multitude of political regions. Barrayar

The Barrayaran Empire is ruled out of the Barrayaran capital Vorbarr Sultana, located in the Vorbonn District.


The planet of Barrayar is divided into 60 Counts Districts and the Southern Continent Territorial District. Each District Count rules his (currently only males can inherit the countship) district as a largely autonomous state within the empire. Individual districts can and do have widely different economic, social, and political norms.


Cosmopolitan Komarr is Barrayar’s gateway to the Nexus. The population is gathered in city domes, as the surface of the planet is unlivable. However, the Komarran’s are half way through a long-term (700 years long) terraforming project. As part of Emperor Gregor’s wedding celebrations, the (Solstice?) Mirror is being enlarged which will cut fifty years off the project.

Komarr’s wealth comes not from the land, but from the wealth of wormholes in local space.

Komarran trade fleets, now escorted by Barrayaran military vessels, ply the spaceways for the greater wealth of Komarr, Komarran shareholders, and the empire.

Komarran local government is a democracy. Each citizen has a certain number of votes dependent on how many voting shares that they own. The oligarchic families of Komarr control large blocks of voting shares.


Sergyar has only been recently opened to colonization. Viceroy Count Aral Vorkosigan and Viceroyeene Countess Cordelia Vorkosigan jointly run local colonial government from Chaos Colony.

Person's under forty with a listed professional skill (contact the Sergyar office of immigration) are encouraged to immigrate to Sergyar. The office of the Viceroyeene offers scholarships to young Barrayarans who wish to learn a skill in exchange for a period of service on Sergyar.

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