People and Places of Barrayar

Monolithic, imposing, not really. Galactics often have an odd view of Barrayar. Kilometers of cement and barracks. Identical men in identical uniforms.

The reality of Barrayar is very different.
Kilometers of cemented cities lie surrounded by far more kilometers of farms, forests, mountains, and rivers stretching out to sparkling seas.

There are a lot of uniforms, but they are certainly not identical. When faced with Military Officers, 60 different brands of liveried Count’s Armsmen, Foresters, Mailmen, Municipal Guards, civilian men in quasi uniforms, civilian men in civilian clothing, and women (because Barrayarans do come in two genders) in all manner of dress, well Barrayar’s image becomes not quite so uniform.

This site is designed to help sentient beings, thinking of traveling or perhaps moving to Barrayar, get a better idea of our history and culture.

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