Read All About It

What Lord Midnight Ate, What the Incendiary Cat Knew by Mirim Herodotus

A Cartoon History of the Nexus by Larry Gonick Clone

People and Places of Barrayar by Moi

A Short History of Barrayar by Abell

Dorca the Just by Aczith.

Letters and Command Plans of the Escobarran War edited by Ky Tung of Earth

Tactical Plan for the Conquest of Komarr by Admiral Lord Aral Vorkosigan.

Captain Vortalon of the Resistance

Now Seriously

You may have noticed that I have no source footnotes in the general text. Alas, I would end up footnoting the lot. Therefore I exhort you to read the books and come up with your own reinterpretation of Barrayaran History et al.
ACC A Civil Campaign  FF FallingFree
B Barrayar K Komarr
BoI Borders of Infinity M Memory
BoA Brothers in Arms MD Mirror Dance
C Cetaganda SH Shards of Honor
DD Dreamweaver's Dilemma VG The Vor Game
EoA Ethan of Athos WA The Warriors Apprentice

The Districts

Well some things are easier to reference than others.

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