The Worlds of Crystal

Is it that Crystal has too much time on her hands? Is it that she doesn't sleep enough? Grasshopper, what is the sound of one hand clapping against a tree falling alone in the forest?
Galactic Travel Bureau
This site tends to support the too much time on her hands theory. Crystal maps the science fiction worlds of Lois McMaster Bujold and then writes a mock travel guide.
And I would have gotten away with it if it weren't for you lousy kids. Wait, sorry. Wrong story. Ummm...we like to dress up in costumes. Here's the proof. 
French Vacation
Crystal doesn't just write mock travel guides. She also travels. Read how Crystal spent her summer vacation (Ok, technically speaking October vacation) in 1999.
American Vacation
Ah, America the beautiful. In the wake of 911, Karen and Crystal went on 6700 miles of road trip across the country that is ours
Thailand Vacation

Siam, land of gilt and glass. Stupa's reach up to the hot blue sky. While the air, rich softly tropics, smooths and wends past the skin. 

The Morad Roel
I refuse to take all the credit/blame for this one. In 1993 two students (C. and B.) set out into the woods of UC Santa Cruz. They didn't get lost (much), but they did find Elfland, a curious UC Santa Cruz phenonmenon. They decided to write a book of based on legends from around the world woven together into a coherent mythos because they wanted to put a book with a map of Elfland in Special Collections (hint you can check one out today) at McHenry Library at UC Santa Cruz. 
Life Am Good
Well it is. A web site which tracks the adventures of Crystal and Karen as they navigate life in the S.F. Bay Area. Reviews of restaurants, movies, events, places, things, rants on life.
Crystal's Tarot Cards
In 2000, I made a tarot deck for some of my friend's birthdays. Here they are in all their plentitude.

Japan Vacation

The cherry blossom floats into the scaffold clung waters of the misty flashing neon lights on a rainy afternoon

England Vacation

The hills are alive with the baahing of sheep and the tolling of the village bell.

Buffy Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice. Gender reversed. Characters replaced wholesale with fight scenes and a bazooka.

Dante and Virgil's Wild and Wacky Adventures in the Lands Buffaloneus, Angelic and Brittanic

Sort of a sequel to Paradisio. Dante and Virgil have um, wild and wacky adventures in the Buffyverse.

Buffy Shakespeare

The third and final Goode Literature Done Wronge, as characters romp through stolen lines from the bard. Life is a stage and something, something many parts.


One night Crystal had a dream. A dream of vampires and Elizabeth the Slayer Queene. And so amid the busy, she felt compelled to distill the dream into itself.

The Gina

Gina's Web Site
Because Crystal isn't the only one with time on her hands.


Kevin. AOLiza. His Blog.

The Rest

S.F. Chapter of the STC 
The Web site for the San Francisco Chapter of the Society of Technical Communicators. i.e. a professional link.
Source for fun and useful java scripts. Well, it's not like I write them.