For the aces, I want to do abstract images that symbolized the element of the card, in this case water.

I use a number of cups in the cards. I used the wooden cup because I liked the contrast of the cup's warm browns with the cool blues of the water.

The cup's image is a reflection. The water is light, shallow, with a touch of ripple.


Karen leans towards a balloon. Photo taken by Kevin.

I wanted to abstract the idea of two forces drawn together. Karen reaches out to something. 

Also, note that there is another balloon trapped under a rail in the lower right of the picture.


A picture of Gina, Karen, and Crystal at the Gaskell's ball. 

No special event, just three friends dressed up to go dancing.

Women footloose and fancy free, free for anything fancy. 


Karen in medieval dress reading from 1999 photo shoot.

Ok, so this one is fairly Rider Waite derivative. Whatever. 

This is just such a medieval Book of Hours photo. A woman reading poetry, absorbed in the words. She doesn't even notice the grailish cup in front of her.

Intellectualism vs. Spirituality or just a really good book?


Catholic cemetery Colma.

This is one of my favorite cemetery pictures. The contrasts in the picture are just so sharp. It came out beautifully.

A figure in the literal shadow of grief while the sun illuminates everything else around her.

Cups line the avenue of graves, but she can't see them. Her head is bowed.


Picture of San Francisco taken from Sausalito in 1995. This was the year that I returned from my European work abroad experience.

And here in my very own backyard, perfect beauty. A beautiful fall day in the city by the bay.

The misty blues in this picture are so cool and refreshing. It's like a glass of lemonade or a swim in a deep blueness.

I used metal cups because they matched the cool colors of the picture.


Gina "passed out" from too much Martinelli's from 1998 Victorian Day of Mourning at Mountain View Cemetery.

Given that the 7 of CUPS is the chaos card, well what could be more natural than a picture of Gina, who can't drink, apparently much the worse for wear. 


Alex/Ceasar, Gina/Hel (Viking Goddess of the Underworld, Karen/Greekgirl from the first Ides of March party. The Roman bath is the Roman bath house in Bath, England. The sky scrapers are from San Francisco. 

This is one of my favorite cards because there are so very many personal emotional resonance's.

The Roman Bath house - I worked abroad in England a number of years ago and I have very fond memories of that time. It was one of those formative experiences that helped make me into the person that I am today. 


The costumed figures, the faded fresco on the wall - Friends at one of Alex's annual Ides of March parties. Alas, Alex has moved out of state.

Looming over the baths are skyscrapers from San Francisco where I work currently. I love coming into the city. Walking around at lunch. Being in a place with that much energy. 

The past and the future, nostalgia and electricity all in one card.


Crystal (me) as Catwoman from the Toon Town Hop 2000. Fountainbleu 1999.

I had already put this card together for a different reason, and then fell in love with the idea of cups on cloud nine.

Catwoman is so satisfied with life and her place in it. This is mine, and this is mine, and this is mine.

Except the black cat at her leg. That's just a close friend.


Picture of a castle as seen from its Rose Garden from 1999 France trip.

This is a hotel in France. My God...the food, the wine, the surroundings.

Life doesn't get much more ideal.

I used Greek two handed cups to further evoke a classical ideal of beauty.


Kevin in medieval outfit from SCA shot. Mendocino beach.

Actually, I just had a paucity of men in costume pictures. However, this card does work for Kevin. Hard to make a perfect fit. uty and service, routine and schedules 

I liked Kevin's stance in the picture. Its very, "I'm Sir Francis Drake and I claim this for the British Monarchy." 

I also wanted to associate the king with the sea. As a symbol of water, the sea is vast, relentless, powerful. 


Crystal (me) in an 1860's fan front ballgown in front of the Bay.

The Queen is an epicurean artist. Empathetic. She submerges her self in actions and art forms, while being socially reticent and silent. Well, I don't know about that. But I made this deck. That makes me an artist.

Anyway, the dress is cool and soft and full. She leans into the sun's warmth. The day is lazy and pleasant. The Queen dreams


Alex in middle eastern attire from the 1999 Canterbury Tales Ball.

The Bedu, defenders of the faith and questors for water and beauty.

I liked the contrast of the image. Black robes. Blue sky. The warmth of the wooden cup. A hidden face. Eyes politely down cast, but on the lookout for the next quest. 

I used the wooden cup because the knight is a grail seeker. 


Crystal (me) as Wednesday Adams. Background of the Ferry going to S.F. from the Blue and Gold Fleet Web site.

The Page is supposed to be a child. A young thing setting out. Wednesday sets out to cross the bay to a new and exciting place, San Francisco.

As an aside, I take the ferry to work every day.

I used the metal cup because it matched the color scheme of the picture.

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