I love to travel. Short trips. Long trips. Foreign countries or a day trip to Golden Gate Park (after all I live near San Francisco California, a very popular tourist destination.) I love to see new things, old things, natural wonders and man made marvels.

I've also done a fair amount of traveling. Oh, not as much as some, but I try and make the most of my opportunities. After college, I lived abroad for about a year in England and Ireland. I've eaten beans and rice, washed my clothes in the bathtub so I could afford a yearly road trip within the Continental U.S.

However, one of the best trips that I have ever taken was the trip I took to France October, 1999.

I went with my mother (who I get along with very well) and my friend Karen. I stayed in incredible hotels (Not expensive either. Contact the French tourist board for their book on Chateau hotels), ate delicious food, saw magnificent sights and twice experienced the sublime.

This site will try and capture a little of the memory.

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