I am alive 

I am here. Thought Gaia, newly awake. 

Her waters swirled along with the energy coursing through her body. 

There were voices, coming from a long distance. Gaia became gradually aware of her surroundings. She was spinning, spinning -- and the voices were those of her brother and sister, who are called Mars and Venus. 

Gaia spent much of that spinning time exploring herself and her environment. Her waters, Panthalassa, had currents. She didn't understand all she saw. The outside swam past -- lights -- she didn't know. She called out to her brother and sister. 

Where am I 

She flew through the space and the answer came. 

Does it matter 

You exist 

Gaia knew this. She was still curious about this place, of which there was little she could see, though its dimensions were unfathomable to her. 

How did I get here 

She called to her brother and sister 

Only one voice returned. 

I am not well. Mars is dead. You must carry on. 

Gaia was worried, but she could still see Mars and Venus on her swinging path. But they no longer spoke to her. 

And she still existed. 

The energy still flowed with the water, and deep inside the fire burned hot. 

There were changes, the water moved and swirled around shapes which began to emerge from Panthalassa. The land Pangaea surrounded the Tethys Sea. Soon Gaia was aware of new life, small life. So small that she could only detect the change of feeling. Pangaea was forever moving and changing. Where the energy was higher places of power arose. And there was more life, getting larger. Pangaea fractured, spread the life of the waters and land. Gaia spoke with this life, and though it did not speak her language it answered her, for it was a part of her, and they got along well. Gaia is forever changing as life and the earth evolve together, but in our brief life span she keeps still long enough for us to begin to understand and see how fair she is 

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