In the early days of the light on the green hill, two souls bonded for too short a time. A horse, wild and free, roamed the green hill. Free, yet alone. A grand horse, sixteen hands high, with a dark, gleaming coat and a long, lush, flowing mane. But alas, the beautiful thick hair of his tail was full of brambles. For in truth, he did wander through thickets dense with foliage.

At the bottom of the green hill, in a small, dirty pen, lived an insouciantly gentle goat. Her life was full of emptiness. She gnawed on the wires of her confinement, attempting to ease the agony of her lonely life. Each day, after the fog lifted, she would gaze longingly at the wide open spaces of the green hill. Much to her surprise, one foggy spring morn, Samantha found that the wire of her captivity gave way to freedom -- and she took it. Running gaily with hooves clicking, she bounded up the hill through the clearing fog.

The horse, standing in the stiff wind, his mane blowing extant, beheld this most beautiful goat running towards him. As Samantha approached, he noticed her exquisiteness. Surely nature had poured the beauty of a thousand other goats into this one divine creature. Her delicate shell-like ears twitched in the wind, an appropriate accompaniment to her most perfectly shaped head. And the eyes which sat herein put to shame the shallow eyes of the fair Iseult. Her fluffy white coat in all its milky splendor rippled as she moved her sinewy body. The pearlescence of her hooves reflected tiny lights in his eyes. But to his eyes, the feature which crowned her glory was her deificly feminine beard, which caused him to flounder in the seas of love.

Samantha stopped before the huge, masculinity equine figure of the horse. He shone like a dark sun in her eyes. His coat, having lost its winter fullness, revealed his muscular presence. Samantha craned her neck to look up into his eyes, eyes so deep a brown, that she drowned in their wooded depths.

"Oh beautiful one, know that I love you," murmured Samantha.

"I know a place. The time is now."

They passed together, hoof to hoof, through open meadows and wooded lanes, along trickling brooks and asphalt pathways, until they came to the horse's favorite spot above the quarry.

Here they passed many hours until her owners came to lead her away with collar and chain. They returned her to the dreaded enclosure, and reinforced the rent that she would not escape again. But Samantha was now an ovine driven by love. She redoubled her efforts on the wire and was able to break free to return to her love.

In the morning, again her owners came and led her away. This time they lined the pen with barbed wire to keep Samantha from her love. Frustrated with her attempts to chew her way through, she dug her way in a flurry of hooves out of her pen and back to her beloved.

Once more her owners came, and once more the hated collar and chain dragged Samantha from the horse. Her owners drove steel posts into the ground and electrified the fence. Samantha tried repeatedly to escape, but was thwarted at each attempt.

The horse, after so many days absence, could think of nothing but Samantha's bleating laugh, her sparkling conversational style, and her fluffy beard, set out in search of his one true love. He finally came to her pen, and found Samantha, her once clear blue eyes now clouded with grief, as she bitterly wept. With tender lips, he lifted the latch to release her from her prison. With whinnies of delight, the lovers were reunited one final time. For when Samantha's owners discovered the circumstances of her disappearance they decided to let her go with the horse. Samantha and the horse spent many happy afternoons above the quarry. Then one fateful morning a pack of slavering wild dogs came upon the helpless Samantha. They chased her through the fields, and when her breath came no more they pounced upon her trembling frame and ravaged her with their now bloody fangs.

Samantha was no more.

The horse came upon his true love and found her creamy coat now splattered with her own blood, her once animated beard now limp and lifeless.

The owners did their best by Samantha and gave her a proper burial, her grave marker standing on the hill which she had so loved. But this constant reminder of the horse's loss drove him to a frenzy of despair.

He wildly galloped to the quarry where they had spent so many happy hours, and in a fit of passion flung himself from the highest cliff of the quarry to his bloody demise.

In honor of these two lovers we repeat their tale that their love might live forever in our memories.

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