Galactic Tourist Bureau

Welcome to the Galactic Tourist Bureau's Nexus Travel Guide. In order to facilitate travel and commerce throughout the Bujoldian Nexus, the Galactic Tourist Bureau in conjunction with the Galactic Census has tirelessly explored the galaxy to create this Travel Guide.

This Guide includes maps and planetary descriptions.

Warning-The universe is subject to change without notice should the creator get a better idea, so don't forget to pack your toothbrush.

Disclaimer - Any information on these pages which is not actually reflected in the Bujoldian Canon, one which will hopefully not be aimed at the Galactic Travel Bureaus main offices, is entirely the result of active imaginations. Not that that should keep you from exploring the Nexus on your own.

Table of Contents


Just a Map Map of the Nexus with Textual Reference numbers
Linked Map Map of the Nexus with links to Planetary descriptions
an Ascii version of the map, With Dalton Spence's kind permission,

Planetary Descriptions


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