Wadi Waral, Rain-falling-down, flew from the salt lands to the east toward the Uabuna river. He soaked the river and its banks rose up. With his lightening, he struck the trees and they burned even in the rain.

Then Wadi Waral heard the sound of a hatchling crying. It's mother would not feed it. She wanted to be alone. So, it cried for food, even a bit of bone to fill it's stomach.

Instead Wadi Waral flew to where that child was crying and he ate the child and he ate the mother, but still Wadi Waral was hungry. He made it rain some more and then heard the sound of singing. The Borli of Wanambis were holding a corrombee and he could hear them singing and he went to where they were. He ate them all up, the Borli of Wanambis. But there were too many of them. He tried to vomit them up, but only their scales and claws would come.

Finally Wadi Waral burst, but the Borli were still trapped inside his ribs. They were not strong and most of them turned into stones. Only the smallest could crawl out. They were soft and pale, the Borli, because they had no scales or claws. They pulled into themselves and became fish, swimming in the water that had been Wadi Waral.