Major Arcana


Karen as Harley Quinn (Batman cartoon series) from 2000 Toon Town Ball

This was one of the formative pictures for this project. When I saw this picture, I knew that I could, should, would make a tarot deck. 

I wanted to do a surreal fool. Harley's world from Harley's mind. For those not familiar with Harley, well, she's smart, insane, loyal, trusting, co-dependent, a risk taker. 


Kevin as Techno Mage/John Steed from the 1999 Avenger's Premiere 

This card was a natural progression, mostly because Kevin really is a techno mage. 

I used a background wallpaper of binary because that is the cabbalic language that the techno mage speaks. 

The database flow chart behind the mage represents the free flow of information along powerful connection lines. Symbols used: T1 lines, database in a universe circle (upper left), documents (to the lower right of the mage), choices (triangle behind the mage's right shoulder, the internet (to the upper right of the mage)


Gina as Woman of Mystery from the 1999 Edward Gorey Ball.

I love this picture. Gina smiles so enigmatic. She knows art deco secrets. And in her hand she wields a fan. 

Personally, I love fans. They have always been symbols of feminine power, deception, artifice, attack. And as anyone who dances knows, they are quite utilitarian. 

There would be little point to too much logic in this picture. The dark window is open to the priestesses right, while golden antelope contemplate the ostridge feather in her hair. 


Gina as Poison Ivy (Batman Cartoon) from the Toon Town Hop 2000. The garden is from my mother's front yard. 

I thought Gina looked imperial. Hmm...perhaps more explanation. 

Fairly chaotic reasoning really. Poison Ivy is villainess with power over growing things. For me, Gina often serves as a muse of creative and chaotic force.

The quartered globe with the ank represents the Empresses power.


Alex as Ceasar from the Second Ides of March parties. 1998?

Of course, Alex as Ceasar had to be the emperor. 

However, finding or rather creating a picture in which he is not completely covered in women was a bit of a problem.


Jeremy and Rose from Ides of March party. Papal Palace in Avignon October 1999. 

Christ stands before the papal palace in Avignon, while a woman in Roman clothes holds his halo.

I think this is a hilarious picture and really the only choice for Hierophant. 

I used Avignon because that was the site of the 12th century Great Schism and the home of the medieval anti-Popes. The palace was a center of administration as well as the pope's home. However, the place is awash in frescos and courtyards. The church is beautiful, simple and glows in the light of the setting sun. 


Christy and Janine on Cape Cod 1998. 

They had to be the lovers. I mean, they pretty much epitomize the perfect, supportive, loving relationship. 

I used a stained glass filter because well, I thought it looked pretty. Anyway, they're not in costume and I refuse to fake it.


Carriage at Versaille October 1999. 

It's a carriage, that's Versaille. I mean hello!


Crystal (me) pushing a rock in Carcassonne October 1999. 

I'm wrestling with a large round rock, what more can you want. 

I abstracted the background to further confuse the issue of why am I pushing this rock.


Kevin as Arthur Dent at the Peers White Star Ball 1999.

Arthur Dent, from Hitchhikers Guide, just wants a good cup of tea. One might call it a quest. Anyway picture of guy in a bathrobe, perfect hermit material. 

The babel fish speaks in his ear and translates all languages.


Gina as Baron Samedi, the Voodoo Loa, from Alex's Creatures of the Night party 1999.

Death, Jell-O, and the wheel of fortune.

Dare I admit,... It's the only picture that has a wheel in it and well, it's a funny picture. 

After all, Death (Gina in this same costume is Death later on) is slurping Jell-O through a straw. Great costume, but hard to eat while wearing it.


Crystal, Gina, Karen, and Melinda as the furies at 1999 Bal de Vampyre. Background was at one time the upstairs at Masonic Lodge in San Mateo. 

I dithered a great deal here. Should the furies be Justice. They are after all a sort of justice, but well, a kind of nasty justice.  Anyway, these were great outfits and enormous fun to wear, so what the hey.

Since the furies, with their scorpion flails, drive men to madness, I tried to evoke a sense of insanity around the furies. 


A statue of an angel from Cypress Cemetery in Colma 1997. 

This card takes the place of the hanged man. 

This is the only card whose name I've changed. Its not like I couldn't have faked someone hanging upside down by one foot. It's just that I really like the angel's (yes she once had wings) expression. 

She hangs suspended in space and offers a cornucopia as she falls. She accepts and gives in to the motion of falling.


Gina as Baron Samedi at Alex's Creature's of the Night party 1999. 

Gina has done a number of death related costumes. Scull woman, banshee, and the Sandman Death come to mind. However, I really like the red and white color contrasts in this picture. 

Also, her pose is so balanced. 

The web behind her (which was actually there) perfectly compliments Death. Is it Death catching you in a web or is it life. Both, neither. 


Karen in sacrifice outfit in mom's front yard 1999 photo shoot. Cascade falls Mt. Tamalpais. 

I wanted an image of nature in balance and a costume that fit into that balance. Flowing water, a rippling pool, a wood spirit. Also, Karen is the Star in this same costume. 


Gina as the Scream from 1997? Peers Bal de Vampyre. Art manipulation done by Gina.

While not a traditional view of the devil, the Scream is trapped in a hellish landscape. 


Beynac October 1999. Catwoman from Toon Town Hop 2000.

This was one of my favorite castles in France because they had an excellent tour that really laid out the different architectural layers of the castle 1100s to 1700s. You really got a sense of the generations living in this castle.

Its seen warfare and siege, peace and reconstruction. 


Karen in her sacrifice outfit 1999 photo shoot. Earth is from the Nasa web site.

Once I decided to make Karen Temperance, I felt that she had to be the star. Anyway, it kept me from being the sun, the moon, aaaannnd the stars.


Crystal, as Catwoman from Toon Town Hop 2000 reclining on a rock beside a pool of water, over a reflection of Crystal as a goth girl from 1995. Different phases of the moon in the background.

Catwoman/Selena = moon, seemed a natural connection to me. I am also very fond of doing Surrealistic reflections. Night skies over lit water reflections, that sort of thing. 

The image of me in a soft white dress holding a rose seemed an appropriate match for me in leather. Also, goth me is so contemplative, secretive, wavery. Catwoman is bold. Her legs are at angles. 

Like I say, I like contrasts and the moon is all about contrast. 


Crystal from 2000 New Year's Party.

I love this dress. It fits, it's comfortable, it looks good. It's silk, with a bounty of petticoats. I love the sound that it makes when I move. I feel warm and sunny when I wear it.

It's a, no the, New Year's Dress.


Gabriel angel statue landing on rock.

I take alot of pictures in cemeteries. I love the art and the architecture.

This Gabriel is such a nice soft image of the end. 

I tinted its flesh to give the stone a touch of color.


The Bay Bridge 2000. 1st picture of earth ever taken (from the Nasa web site) and clip art.

Ok, so I went surreal. 

The clip art are things I like: books, wine, music, travel. The bits of my world that I love.

The bridge spans out to the world which is full of the things that I love. Somewhat arbitrarily I remove the city from the scene (S.F.) should be in the background. 

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