button Pavri Tyleanin
In which there is an explanation of that which will come.
button1 Tihn
In which a multiplicity of fonts lead to a dissolution of unity. 
button Gaia
In which the story of our great mother is told.
button Stone
In which stone is carved into a tale.
button Mardaka
In which Mardak and Tiama take flesh and meet.
button Coatlique
In which Coatlique gives birth to the beings of the celestial firmament.
button Tiangon Kaiwu
In which journeys are made and the earth is populated with spirit.
button Thyras
In which a selkie mourns the loss of her gold giver. 
button Waiting
In which one waits for Spring
button The Tale of the Shipwrecked Sailor
In which what is parted is rejoined
button Nada
In which great journeys are made and the earth changes.
button de Suiro Esmer 
In which a dragon sits in poem.
button Green is the Color of Love
In which a romance of sea and river create something new.
button Anticipation
In which Orpheus sings.
button Branoc ap Awrn
In which Branoc son of Bran seeks the answer to a question.
button Of Jaguar Men
In which 12 Imix sacrifices for the return of the sun.
button Goat
In which romance is met in tragedy.
button Rhapsody on a Ruined City
In which poem is made over a ruined city.
button Wind 
In which wind wanders.
button Sedranh ap Shoeth
In which the tale of the city on the hill in the land of the elves is told.
button Duck
In which the tale of a vile duck is told.
button Daershryli 
In which there is learning beneath the earth.
button Daarmak and Gilaad 
In which there is reference and allusion.
button Vidas 
In which there is wrapping up. 
button Bestiary 
In which beasts are explained.
button Notes
button References
In which there are references to other texts.
button Map of Elfland
button Begin