Other Images that Caught My Fancy

Because I'm footloose and fancy free, free for anything fancy.


Last spring (2000) my mother and I went to see a display of Mandelas at a museum in Berkeley.

Tapestries and pictures filled with amazing detail. I can see why people can gaze at them and into the spaces.

I decided that I wanted to do one for myself. 

I wanted an image that was a balancing act, repeated in a hundred variations. Because they are all different. Some of the differences are subtle. Too subtle for this dpi, but they're there. Hair up. Hair down. Arm positioning. Number of arms.

She looked like a cherub.

Angels don't all wear white. Red is the colour of the heart. 

There is a new day behind her. 

The streets of heaven are paved with gold.


For Halloween 2000, Karen and I did some fictional characters for Gaskells. 

Here Dorothy wanders into the field of poppies. 

Will they bring, sleep, adventure, flying monkeys?

Goddesses on Mount Olympus look down on mortals below.

Okay, so I love these costumes and I love the triumvir.


This is such a Renoir picture. 

Two Ladies by a tranquil dappled pool.

They wander, meander. Shelter their faces from the sun with their white parasols.

Did I mention that I love these costumes.

Although actually, this has a basis in my interest in Greek Mythology.

The Sirens were the handmaidens of Persephone, until she was kidnapped by Hades (for a story on that front). Then they searched for her all over the world, learning all the world's secrets, which is what they sing about when they lure sailors in the Odyssey. 

Sometimes they live in Hades with Persephone and so like the dead they know the future.

The Dreaming
This was my desktop for several years.

I love surreal images and I particularly like the way the summer lies just beneath the surface.

Moulin Rouge
Don't we all want to be the centre of attention. 

Decadent turn of the century Paris. Cancan girls and wild music.

My friend Alex, sent me the promo picture from American McGee's Alice and said it made him think of me.

It made me think of me too, so I made the costume. 

This Alice is older. Wonderland has gone mad. She has to fight her way across the landscape. Buts Okay, Alice isn't too stable herself.

I've always been fascinated by the concept of personna derived from dress. 
By now, I've worn quite a few costumes, quite a few personnas. The question is, 
are costumes about falling into the personna, letting an aspect of yourself free, showing a
hidden face or is it assuming masks to obfuscate perception. Can you see past the
sunglasses after dark, past the smile, to the hidden.
I've tried to play with the contrasts in costume and environment with these two pictures.
Both are extremely artificial environments, but in different ways. Karen is at Fountainbleu, 
a hunting shack/palace of the French kings not far from Paris, while I am in a newly 
harvested field in the American midwest.

With Faces, I was trying to play with chaos (well, insanity is a Karen theme). Harley Quinn
leaping, standing, plumming from a chimney over her disciplined uniformed self. Over her
sulking rejected leather self. Brood, baby brood. Karen forms a tryptic of fashions from 
eras, while Dorothy prays to Lord Buddha. She's looking for a way 
out of Oz. A distant Fury lounges, while a human water fountain spins. Goldilocks is looking
for a place to stay, while Eris offers her golden apple. Calm Pre-Raphelite garden reading
and seraglio wandering. Okay, so maybe it's not chaos. Just a variety of faces. In motion. At rest.

In Masks, each figure is paralleled with another figure. Mostly pretty obviously. 
Catwoman and Persephone. One reined in by choices, the other footloose and fancy free.
A lounging Fury (Tisiphone) and broken Sally Patchwork. A distant cavelier and a foregrounded 
not so little Red Riding Hood. The Queen of Cups and Lady Death, smiling with her bow. Mad
Alice lost in Wonderland and a proper Regency girt. Balance and the Firebird. I should note, 
in no way am I bigger than those ever present golden bales of hay. 

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