One day Gunwinggu lay sleeping in his billabong, and it was warm and pleasant. But he grew hungry and through the water he could hear the sound of bees making their honey and he wanted the honey.

He lay very still, and thought about how to get that honey that the bees were making. He did not want to be stung. So, he crawled up out of the water and went to the eucalyptus tree where the bees were living. He began to burn the eucalyptus tree with a bit of fire, so that it smoked, so the bees would leave and he could steal the honey.

But the bees were smart to Gunwinggu, because he had done this before, and the queen bee ordered her drones to wave their wings at the smoke and the fire went out and the smoke went away. Then the bees left the eucalyptus tree and began to chase Gunwinggu back to his billabong.

He was still hungry for sweet honey. He lay very still in the water and thought about how to get that honey that the bees were making. He decided to make it rain and cause the water to rise and frighten the bees into leaving the hive.

So, it began to rain and the valleys flooded with water and the trees began to drown. But the eucalyptus tree in which the bees lived was high on a hill, and the queen knew that it was Gunwinggu making the water rise. She also knew that if the honey mixed with water it would go bad, so there was no danger, but all the flowers were dying. The bees could not make honey if the whole world was under water.

So, she had her bees pretend to fly away, but they really hid in the branches of the eucalyptus tree. When Gunwinggu saw that the bees had gone, he let the rain stop. He crawled up out of his billabong and went to the eucalyptus tree. He reached into the hive with one claw and bees swept down out of the tree. And some of them stung Gunwinggu, but he ran away back to his billabong.

But Gunwinggu was still hungry for sweet honey. He lay still for a long time, until he really wanted that honey. He decided to start a fire that the bees couldn't put out. It would burn up to the tree, until the bees left, then he would make it rain.

So, he started his fire and it burned across the grasses and the trees which had now drowned now burned up. The Queen ordered the bees to leave the hive. One of the drones asked, "But if you know that it is Gunwinggu, why leave, he'll never hurt the hive while there's honey in it?"

"I know that." said the Queen. "I just wanted to make it hard for him, or he'd be in our tree all the time. This way he only steals honey when he really wants it. Gunwinggu keeps out all the other animals that would eat our honey. We wouldn't want him to go away because he never got any honey."

So, the bees flew away from the hive, and Gunwinggu, happy to have outwitted the bees took a clawful of honey and went back to his billabong for a nap.